Fooling Gearscore.

You will be judged!

Whats wrong buddy?  Your gear score sucks. You’re a solo dude, or dudette that hasn’t raided, and you lack in some slots. Well the Professor was opining that his gear score sucked, and I thought of a way to work around it. Probably not a novel idea, I’m sure someone else thought of this too, but I love to share when I have an idea pop up.

Buy PvP gear, most of the stuff is around 213-232. Honor is sick to get now. Hell with random BG, and Wintergrasp. I could probably buy a whole PvP set in 2 weeks.

Anywho you get better gear, then they ask you your gear score, go ahead tell them. Once you get invited switch out your gear to your PvE stuff, no one ever checks once in raid. They are all too lazy, why the hell you think they are using gearscore in the first place.

This is one of the many reasons Gearscore fails. I can have a trinket that is of a high value, but of no use to me, while a lower trinket which is way better but has a low value, brings my score down.  So I am condoning fooling people with Gearscore, to show my disdain and contempt for this addon from hell.

13 Responses to “Fooling Gearscore.”

  1. Hehe 🙂

    Y’know, I think making the iLvl information public and allowing it to be accessed by add-ons is the greatest biggest mistake Blizzard ever made. Why should the general public need to know that information? It’s ridiculous.

    • We might have ended up with an addon which tries to add up stats to estimate an ilevel, or draws from a database of known ilevel (which players already have estimated with reasonable accuracy; it’s part of how we report mistakes to the devs). I hate to say it, but I think GS was inevitable. We’re all so damn scared of failure that we do whatever we possibly can to avoid it. Well, short of growing some balls and learning wtf we’re doing.

      I’m not saying I like GS. It’s often pretty bad. Especially with trinkets which can be so luck-based, or due to the strange stats and procs the sometimes have, ilevel is nearly meaningless. Just look at DMC:G; 200 level and it’s strong well past Ulduar.

  2. It’s a good idea, and I now have an equipment set on my characters that combines the highest iLvl items I possess, whether or not they’re actually useful to the raid or not.

    It’s not been able to help me yet, since I’ve been busy all weekend, but it’s a good idea. Normally, I’d never thinking about lying/cheating my way into a raid, but GS is one of the most ridiculous concepts I’ve found in the game yet, and it bothers me. Especially since GS comes with a set of guidelines on what scores equate to what raid tiers and no one uses them because 5k is just way too low for ICC10 (but please ignore the logical fallacy that 5k+ is what you get from RUNNING ICC10).

  3. […] Ever wondered how to fool Gearscore? River is the man with a plan! […]

  4. […] Let’s get one thing out of the way: I hate GearScore.  I hate it.  Hate it.  HATE it.  It’s an arbitrary number that an addon assigns to my character in order to determine my worth as a player.  Not to mention that it’s a broken system that is too easy to exploit. […]

  5. Yay Gearscore! Says:

    I honestly believe that most of the people who hate Gearscore are the people that’ve been hindered by it. IE: Not allowed in raids because of it. Now, does that mean that the addon is bad? No way. I support it in every way possible. It easily allows me to check the gear of the person, NOT just the number, it gives you an in-game armory to see the person you’re considering.

    (If you Gearscore haters come at me with the whole SKILL > GEARSCORE argument, remember that none of us dispute that. But, we don’t have the time to look at 24 other parses or dummy tests to make sure you’re legit.)

    • theerivs Says:

      I really never have, my gs is 5.2k plus. I just hate it, I hate what it is making the game into. The messed up thing is some of the raid i’ve been on where they ask my GS the raid still fail.

      • Mmmmk, but then I ask you..What would have happened if we didn’t have, or use gearscore? I mean, with the underachiever addon, you can fake any achievement. And even just checking a person out on the Armory isn’t going to tell you if the t10 DK is going to do 7k or 2k. It’s worse since anyone can manage to get a full set of t10 without much effort.

        My argument here is that some groups are going to fail regardless. It’s just going to happen.

    • Sitting At 5630gs and beating the 5.9 and 6k gs players as a shadowpriest(not particularly high end dps especially in icc) makes my day. And when someone in my guild asks. Hey Nyix whats your GS? I am delighted to say 5630 and hear jaws hit the floor and comments like. BS. Theres no way. WTF MAN. HAXXX!! and so on. And No I am never screwed by the system. If I need to I have 264 and 251 heroic trinkets that are just there to fool the GS system even though they are worse than the originally ilvl200 Illustration of the Dragonsoul(adjusted to 213 during the TOC patch) and Eye of The Broodmother from 10man Ulduar(cake to get especially now)

      When I pug. I ask for stats/achievements. 90% reply. 5600gs ret pally. No achieve linked. No stats linked. TY but No TY. Inspected. Wearing relentless pieces with offset wrathful.

  6. ScytheNoire Says:

    GearScore means nothing, it tells nothing about the players skill and ability, much like the DPS number they put out. There is much more the game than just a big number, that’s for children and small minded people who have e-peen issues.

  7. Except, you know…any raid/pug leader worth anything will inspect gear/enchants/gems. :3

  8. DOOMBODY Says:

    The same thing would happen that has happened for the first four years of WoW WITHOUT GS.. Dumbass…

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