Raiders of The Lost Ark

“Asps…very bad…you go first”

When I joined my guild on horde side it was to get to know some people, and mainly socialize a bit. They were up front with me, and I was up front with them. They said they had a lot of mages, and my chance of raiding would be slim. I said that’s good cause I was tired of raiding in general.

So last night for shits and giggles, and for the fact they were having a hard time getting raider.  I signed up for a raid.  It was a progression raid, and they were working on Professor Putricide. I was really impressed at the dedication to learning the mechanics of the fight, and trying to get the rhythm of the fight down. Even though we only got him down to 55% on our last run, and we were down 1 or 2 people, I was kind of stunned at the professionalism of how they go around learning a new fight.

Usually with most guilds i ran with you get 40 minutes of silence usually officers discussing strats, then the raid leader saying this is what we’re going to do. Usually we try it a few times, then if you fail you quit.

Each attempt these guys were positive, kept trying to improve. Made comments, not in an assholish way, but in a positive manner. “What if we try this.” or “I noticed we weren’t doing this, is this something we could improve.”  Instead of the usual, “DPS is sucking, we need to suck less”

Also there was joke cracking the whole time, use to being all down and depressed when the guild failed, not these guys.

I was quite pleased with my choice of guilds, and glad they let me join in. I hope we can bring down Putricide next week.

6 Responses to “Raiders of The Lost Ark”

  1. PP is one of my favorite fights.

    One of my guildies told me that the strat for the fight is to just run around like a chicken with your head cut off.

    Despite the amount of time I have seen this fight (and downed him) that is still my favorite strat.

    It is also the one I use when I heal that fight. ^_^

  2. morkuma Says:

    Sounds like the experience i had with our 10m team on sunday. 2Hrs wiping on sindragosa but always looking on improving. Ended in a kill, followed by a one shot first time kill on pute. Was a great night

  3. Location, location, location – that’s the key to PooPoo head.

    Grats on finding a positive guild!

  4. I hate trial and error. My old guild would do that back in the MC days, and I would be like quit trying to be a f’ing hero just read the internet strats by death by taxes and lets run through this whole place without 500 wipes from “trying strats”, and after the 499th one you decide to just read the strats, and use them.

  5. My guild is the same way. Just over the past few weeks we’ve been attempting to do ICC 10mans. We are all still collecting gear and learning the fights. We downed the Blood Queen on Monday night, which was such an accomplishment for us as we attempted it a week ago to no success. Our guild is very good about coaching others, not placing blame, etc. We have a lot of fun when we raid.

    Before I got into this guild a few months ago I was strictly a PVPer. I did some quests and just leveled through the use of BG exp. The guild I was in belonged to some friends that didn’t play anymore and were never on. I liked to think of myself as a One Man Wolf Pack.

    Anyways, as the fates aligned I met my new guild members and really I don’t know how I was playing the game without their support. Raiding is not something I ever thought I would get into or enjoy and in a strange twist of irony I know have a 5800 gs raid healing set and a 5750 PVP set.

    I really think its all about the people and not the work though, even in RL. If I have a job where the work isn’t all that rewarding, but the people I work with are good people then I consider that a good job. It makes it or breaks it for me.

    • theerivs Says:

      One Man Wolf Pack LOL! Welcome to being part of a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. ;P

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