My First Thoughts:Starcraft 2

So I played a little bit of Starcraft 2, and I really like it. I’ve played Zerg, and Terran thus far. It’s got more units, more diversity. The maps are so-so, I noticed one thing the maps make it impossible to zerg rush.

Now my complaints, it seems slower paced. I remember building frantically, adrenaline pumping getting things up just in case I get rushed. Here it’s ho-hum building.

Overall I think it’s a great game, but it’s missing something SC1 had. I’ll wait until the final product to make a full judgement. But I wanted to toss something out there, let you know my thoughts.

7 Responses to “My First Thoughts:Starcraft 2”

  1. Add me on Starcraft. Glare.

  2. Maybe you’re just mad because you can’t just pump out zerglings like pez and run rampant through the countryside.

  3. What kind of games did you play? Was it a part of your first 5 initial games? Because those first 5 games are intentionally designed to prevent rush and to slow the pace of game to help get a handle on things. I felt the same way when I started playing it too, but then that all changed when I entered the normal latter/league games. Speed increased and rushing definitely became an issue.

  4. There’s plenty of cheese in SC2 and that ho-hum attitude gets me killed more often than I’d care to admit. Dammit, I got to get those timings down. I project that in a short while I’ll join ranks with Idra (philosophically, that is, I’m not in his leage) and rage every single game against those cheese players. Train more, I will. Crush cheese. Feed my zerglings with it. If it’s Big Cheese my ultras will be brought into the feast.

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