Man so many great answers, I couldn’t choose just one. So I turned to my handy dandy RNG. Here at HLL we believe in the highest tech possible….So I made a list of names, and cut them up into little slices. I gave an extra shot to WASDstomp, cause he got my middle name, I was impressed, I gave an extra chance to Evisceratespam cause he sucked ass well, and then I gave an extra shot to Jong, cause his was funny, “Nothing, I hate your blog”. LOL!

Then I put the in the RNG ( A box, yeah high tech it ain’t), Computed the results (shook the box up), and reached in and pulled a winner out..JONG IS THE WINNER! CONGO-RATS TO JONG.  I will email your key out when I get home about 5-6pm CST.

As for everyone else don’t despair I get any more extra keys, I will try to pass them on. Thank you for entering again.


  1. I didn’t really care to win anyways. I was just having some fun.

  2. It wasn’t penelope?

  3. damn and here i thought i sucked ass so well i actually hit the “button”

  4. Grats to the winner!

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