Weekly Lagout

WoW – I started to do a couple raid sign ups, just in case I get in, but I knew my guild had tons of mages, and I kind of wanted to take a break from raiding anywho. It was nice I lent a hand running some heroics with my guildies. I was feeling a bit antisocial lately. As for making gold…I’m making it quite well. Think I have the most gold now I ever had in the game, which by alot of peoples standards aint much. I got to get back to leveling the tank. I want him ready for Cataclysm.

WAR- Man just having a good time, even though I’m grinding my renown it’s been fun, getting back in the mix with my guildies, wonderful bunch of peeps, always has been. I remember being the only outsider in their LV group and they always made me feel like one of the crew. Also if it wasn’t for them, don’t think I would have half the gear I do have. Though if I didn’t PvE with them so much maybe I would have more Renown Ranks…..those motherfuckers. LOL! J/K

Starcraft 2 – Playing the Beta, someone pulled the old Protoss Carrier Rush on me, Dude doesn’t realize Brood Queen, and Hydralisks don’t play that shite. Also I’m noticeing the maps I do play, you need troop carrier to get to enemy base, I think this is to stop the Zerg Rush. I really should mix it up with the other armies a bit, get the feel of them too. So far I’m having some fun though.

High Latency Love –

Some Illinois love goes to Tree of Life, and I like Bubbles, both these broads live in the Illinois area, think they would hook me up with their hot geek girl friends?

Gotta give some love to the Gnomey for this post right here…instant classic.

Something Funny..

Being a tech, tech humor cracks me up. This is a pretty funny site in general, but here’s what they say about Printers.

Well with that….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Howard Chiang Says:

    What’s your sc2 ID? I would like to add you, if possible.

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