I feel even more Charitable.

I love to give away things here at my blog, STO beta, now an SC2 beta….but this…this really puts me in a giving mood. This is Sara Underwood a playmate, and G4 host doing a charity Star Wars themed car wash, here’s the link. Man my car and mind both need a good ole cleaning, geekdom, and hot babes…dirty pool old man. Oh yea you can still enter to get that Starcraft 2 Beta Key, I’ll pick the winner Friday, tomorrow at 6pm… Just in time to play all weekend!

8 Responses to “I feel even more Charitable.”

  1. I like the fact that since she’s a playmate, you can google her for the good stuff. That’s always a bonus.

  2. I can’t see the pic, which is fine because I’m a girl :p Can you put some semi-nude pics of Christian Bale up instead?

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