What the Hell? It’s been a year already

Why was I all sappy yesterday, because a year has passed sinced I opened the doors to High Latency Life.

When I first started blogging about video games, I asked Tobold about his thoughts and he responded, he told me I shouldn’t pigeon hole myself into one game, or one feature of the game like the Chosen of Warhammer. Though I repected Tobold, and thought about what he said I loved Warhammer Online alot, and Chosen. Just the idea appealed to me so I opened up a blog centered on that. I wrote for a long time on that blog, and I had alot of success by my standards, and that’s really all the standards one should go by. Hell I got a bone from Mythic. Greg Moran did my banner, an awesome one at that. I would call that a success. Not that I fell out of love with Warhammer, I still play the game. I felt I had alot more to say, alot more to dwell upon then just Warhammer, so I closed the door to Way of the Chosen.  

So I dwelled on what I was going to name my blog, and I came up with High Latency Life.  It’s been a strange, fun trip. I made alot of new friends, and some enemies. I had some ups and downs. I’m not going to be all self serving and tell you numbers of this, or how many comments I have of that.

This is a post of thanks, thanks to my friends, and thats who you are who come here and read my posts, and comment on them. Even though I write for myself, and I am my own worst critic. You keep me encouraged, cause without you I would just be talking to myself, and we all know that can get boring at times. I also want to thank the people who “get” me, and my style of writing. Sometimes I can get crude, and downright douchey…but my point is to make you think. Perhaps…just perhaps change your perspective of these MMO’s, and even your life.

Thank you for coming to my blog, and I hope to be doing this, and entertaining you for years to come.

P.S. Please no gifts..Money and Boob Shots are ok.

I then

16 Responses to “What the Hell? It’s been a year already”

  1. I presume you mean female boobs. You know alot of the male fatties have boob shots they’d probably share. /shutter

  2. Happy birthday. I’ll refrain from posting moobs. And mine aren’t much to look at after they were a snack bar for a year =/

  3. Congrats and happy blogday! Also. beware the boobquake!

  4. Happy birthday, A High Latency Life!

  5. Gratz on your first ding old boy!

  6. Congratulations – one year is nothing to sniff at.

  7. […] that was my wonderful WoW memory. One more big thanks to Rivs (and happy blog-day to him) for letting me relive that moment. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  8. Happy anniversary, Rivs!

  9. Gratz on the anniversary! I always enjoy your articles!

  10. Grats!
    I must admit that I’m no fan of your way of decorating your blog with pics of hot chicks. It seems just so unnecessary and not on topic. What’s the point? But you balance it with a personal, relaxed banter I can appr4ove of, so I forgive you.

    Anyway: it takes some effort to run a blog for an entire year. So well done and I hope you’ll stick around for yet another one!

    • It’s kind of a running gag I started long ago, when I first posted a hot chick, someone said something. I told them I was a porn site, that talked about games. I have been known to put some eye candy for the ladies now and then…just ask the Bossy Pally.

      Also each picture does have to do with the story I am trying to tell that day. Like I was talking about something, I quoted the movie Devil’s Advocate. So I put a picture of Charlize Theron from that movie.

  11. Grats on your Blogeryanny. Your one crazy mo’fo and I enjoy reasons all your blogs. Keep up the great work and see you in hell

  12. Happy (belated) blogiversary!

  13. Happy blog birthday! One year is a great milestone and a huge achievement! Nice work 🙂

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