As I look back on the World Of Warcraft

Even though I’m in the Cataclysm mode, where I am not raiding as much, and I am just amassing my resources. Love this game, or hate it, World of Warcraft has been around a long time, and it influenced not just the way we play games, but the way non-gamers look at games. As I look forward to Cataclysm, I wanted to  look back to where it all started, it’s been a long strange trip…

I remember….

* Being in beta, coming from Dark Ages of Camelot just being blown away by the attention to detail they put into the game.

* Dwarf Mages, not that I ever wanted one.

*The first time hearing Mr. Smite, and going…”Awesome”

*Switching to Horde because of queue times for Alliance Battlegrounds were Ridonculous.

*First time I beat a Peon, and falling in love with the Horde.

*Stepping into Molten Core for the first time with 39 of my Guildmates looking at a Molten Core Giant, and going..”Whoa”

*Seeing Ragnaros Emerge for the first time, and getting blown away.

*Beating Netharion after months of Hard Work.

*Hearing the Prophet in AQ, and getting chills up my spine.

* Looking at Magtheridon through the floor of the Blood Furnace, and drooling about fighting him, then beating Mag eventually.

*One word: Gruul

*Seeing the new phasing technology in the DK starting area, as well as a well written line of quests for the DK. I was most impressed.

*Doing a questline, then seeing the Wrathgate cutscene out of nowhere, and just watching in awe, and feeling immense pride at the Forsaken fighting back at being outcasts.

I have played this game alot of years, some of it bad, but I have alot of good memories of this game as well. I wanted to take some time to Thank Blizzard for the many years of enjoyment, Thank my Guildies from the Horde Side of Garona,and Azgalor, to the Alliance side of Thunderlord, and Azgalor for putting up with my Douchbag ways. Thanks to my fellow WoW Bloggers, and my Blog Readers who expand the knowledge and enjoyment of this game with their experiences, and insight.

To make a great MMO game it takes all of us. I look forward to more good things to come, and to forge to memories with this new expansion.  Feel free to share you wonderful WoW memories here.

7 Responses to “As I look back on the World Of Warcraft”

  1. Fantastic list. I have an idea of what my favorite WoW moment is, but it involves a crazy Mags fight and a screenshot I would have to dig around for. I’ll definitely link this post if I find it.

  2. I remember walking up the hill to Ironforge. Entering that hall and realizing there was a huge statue in front of me. I paused for a while there.

  3. Awesome post and great list . It’s easy for people to take pot shots at WoW but lets be honest as an MMO it has really delivered time and time again.

    Here is some of my best moments in Wow

    – Seeing thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker for the first time…. *picks up jaw from the floor*

    – World PvP between Taren Mill and South Shore

    – Entering Stormwind for the very first time and just looking in awe at the huge statues… then the music hits = epic

    – Visiting Zangarmarsh and literally being blown away at how ‘alive’ the area feels, the sound effects and atmosphere created is second to none imo.

    – Remembering when Vanish used to actually work…..

    – getting my first mount at level 40, boy was it a struggle but the relief and satisfaction of finally owning a mount was one of the most defining moments for me in the game.

    thats all folks!

    Maybe not the best list ever but its things which really jump out at me

  4. What a great summary of key moments in a long time wow player’s career. I have all of these same fond memories, such a great game.

  5. So much stuff… I don’t know where to begin
    -Doing Shadowfang keep and making me fall in love with instances.
    -Seeing Princess in Maraudon…
    -Getting my first mount at level 40 after working like crazy to get it
    -First time in Stratholme and being blown away by the burning city and all the big nasty undeads.
    -Getting in a Molten Core raid and thinking I “made it”
    -Beating the ever loving crap out of the twin-gay-incestuous-emperors in AQ who wiped our face for weeks.
    -Stepping into Hellfire Peninsula for the first time and thinking Outland was crazy!
    -… and so much more.. I mean I’ll stop now cause I could write a novel I think

  6. […] affair, and other not-so-nice things in general. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see an article like this from Rivs, who recalls a list of his memorable moments from the game. It’s a nice reminder to […]

  7. My favorite WoW memory is from a week or so after launch. The guild I was in had decided to raid Darkshore (we were Horde) so about 15 of us ran through Ashenvale and into Darkshore. Since we couldn’t attack anyone we just kept pushing deeper and deeper until we were very near to Auberdine, at which point we turned around and realized pretty much the whole zone was following us. Once the Alliance started attacking a few of us dropped while most held our ground, then wave after wave of Alliance kept slowly lowering our numbers. It got to the point where myself and a few others were forced to retreat. I was able to hide from a large group of Alliance by just diving underwater in a small stream, right under a bridge. When I emerged I ran towards my teammates markers on the map only to find them getting slaughtered, I had to get out of there. Then people started to see me and gave chase. I ran as precise as I could around trees, trying to do every little thing I could to lose some of these people but some lower levels were still keeping up and slowly pecking me to death. I tried to throw out a few hamstrings but I still couldn’t escape. So I jumped off a cliff into a mob spawn, trying to avoid getting aggro which was easier for me than them as the mobs were green and grey to me yet blue and green to my pursuers. Luckily this trick worked and got the rest of the Alliance off my tail. I crossed into Ashenvale and slowly began to meet up with the rest of the guild before we went for another attack.

    I know it was low level and hardly anyone had any skills but it was also the first week of the game, there were no honor points, nor any real point to PvP. Except that we were the Horde and we wanted to remind the Alliance what was in store for them. Ahh, sure do miss world pvp.

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