Weekly Lagout

WoW – It’s war in WoW, Someone started posted some Scrolls of Weapon Enchant- Crusader, he’s undercutting me by a few gold. I was selling them for 250. He undercut me by 240. I marked mine down to 150. Now eat it. It costs me nothing but 15 minutes of my time to farm the mats. I can go even lower. LOL!

WAR– Bonus Renown for 2 weeks. You know where I’ll be spending most my time, and with 5% more exp in scenarios thanks to the tactic. Go Go Chosen Sword. I’ll be reviewing strats, and specs over the weekend. Tweaking my Chosen.

High Latency Love –

To Tyanon at BackSeatDev, for trying to get something new off the ground in WAR, and for helping me out getting back into the rythym of things.

Also to Bootae for helping a brother Chosen out as well.

Something Funny…

Nice Guy Rap, and I thought I was a geek.

With that,


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