Should I tell My New Guild I Blog

Thats a guildie who got drunk at my last guild get together. Yes it Says PVENES, We were both drunk

I was wondering should I tell my new Horde Guild that I blog. I’ve been toying with this idea, going back and forth. I never really blogged about the guilds I have been in except BoO, but we were a guild of Bloggers. I never use to call people out, unless you pissed the hell out of me.

Though the attention whore in me, wants the guild I am in to recognize my endeavours as a blogger as well. 

Though tell you the truth, I’m like the unknown factor in this guild. Alot of them know each other, personally it seems. I try to join in chat, I really hadn’t had a chance to raid really. Here’s the problem I envision, if I’m not up front will they pissed at me later if I didn’t tell them.

6 Responses to “Should I tell My New Guild I Blog”

  1. Mention you blog about Warcraft. Some people care (and will ask you for linkage), and others will either not care or mock you for it. :p

    IE both of my current guilds (Horde and Alliance) know I blog. Matt doesn’t read mine anyways, and my Horde guild isn’t particularly into the blogging scene–most of them don’t get more in-depth than MMO-C/EJ for WoW news.

    Better to be upfront now than kicked in the balls later because of it though. ♥

  2. I don’t see how they could get pissed with you…unless they specifically asked you, hey, do you blog, and you answered, no…because that would be a lie. But other than that it’s up to you.

  3. If your going to stick around I would – but maybe wait untill you are I guess more involved – some people will flat out not care – others will be polite and maybe check out your first post – some will read to see what 2 cents they can add about their own personal experience if they were in the same event / activity. You might encourage another blogger or find that you have 2 other guildies that regularily blogged like I did -I liked being able to be somewhat honest it was a refreshing freedom

  4. I wouldn’t tell them. Guilds give alot of great writing material, and if you know they are reading it you may have to hold back how you really feel.

  5. Be up front with them so that there are no surprises down the road. I’d hate to have you run into a situation like Tam over at Righteous Orbs. If they accept it cool, and if they don’t, to quote Darraxus, “They can eat a big, fat bowl of dick.

  6. I don’t think it’s a breach of trust if you don’t tell them. It’s your hobby. It’s your business.

    Now, I think you’re “freer” to talk about them specifically when they DO know about it, because they have the opportunity to object – whereas if you’re just airing dirty laundry and naming names, and they have no idea that it’s even out there and have no opportunity to defend themselves – well that’s a dick move.

    If you don’t tell them, you’re probably freer to share about your own personal experiences. Like if your guild is reading, you’re not going to post about how you are thinking of moving on to another guild or that sort of thing.

    For the record, my guild doesn’t know about the blog. But they also aren’t the type to read forums etc, so it’s not something they’d be interested in at all.

    I’ve kept my tweets protected, though, so if something truly pisses me off in-guild I can grumble there and know only a handful of people can read it.

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