I Hold my Sword with 2 Hands.

So last night, I switched to a 2 hander, I followed the great advice of my friend.   Being a little more squishie kinda irks me, I’m use to being able to survive the onslaught of order for a little longer.

The Problem is…

1. I Suck – Never played 2 hander for a long period of time. So I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

2. My Gear Sucks– Hodge Podge, of Sentinal/Darkpromise. Though I’m sporting a Develath Sword, I have a feeling there are better Great Weapons out there I could should be shooting for.

3. My Talismans Suck – I’m broke.

4. Bright Wizards Suck – I hate those Dudes /Duddettes

I know, I know all this will improve in time, and stick with it. Right now I have to do some research, and  get use to a different playstyle. Any tips for a noob 2-hander chosen would be great. The really awesome thing though is with the renown bonus, I’ll be able to get to a higher bracket of gear faster.

4 Responses to “I Hold my Sword with 2 Hands.”

  1. Devaleth is an excellent weapon mate, despite having other options some prefer, I still use it myself. The crit and other stats combined with the awesome look win through 😀

    If you drop me a email with what Annhilator, Sentinel, Conqueror and Dark Promise items you have (as well as your RR) I’ll work out a reasonable build for you to use.

    Tips on fighting later 😉

    • theerivs Says:

      Will do, have to be later tonight, or tomorrow, Got to go beat someone arse in Lord of the Rings Trivia tonight they called me out, now I must destroy them

  2. shadowwar Says:

    I would go with this: http://www.wardb.com/career.aspx?id=13#11:2176:0:0:15:512:29:8362:8363:8358:503::::8371:607:8373:613

    The only thing I waffle on is swapping out Rugged for Flawless armor. I’d have to check and see which actually results in less damage taken. A big part of me thinks Armor will win out, but I can’t be sure.

    One of the biggest things to a tank with a two-hander is to LOOK like you will drop quickly, but actually not. You want to twist your resist aura (duh), your thorn shield, and your damage pulse (most of the time). The point is to put out as much AoE as possible. If you’re not running bomb, I’d mix it up a bit differently (lose rending blade, cap out discord instead and twist strength instead of damage pulse).

    There are quite a few ways to do it, but that way will be win.

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