Tales of a Tanking Bitch

So I wanted to bust out an instance real quick on my baby Pallie, get my lovely tokens. So I entered one of those silly spider instance Anuk’crap The Old Dirty Bastard Kingdom or something like that.

There was a hunter, Now I hate dealing with pet classes in this instance, because then I have to kill 3 extra packs of mobs, but we start the instance. I noticed I’m losing aggro, to the damn pet. A wolf named Wolf. How droll.

I asked nicely, “Please…Please turn Growl off”  Think it’s growl, I avoid Hunters like the plague.

After a couple pulls, still happening. I snap…”Listen you fricking Huntard, you had at least 73 levels to learn how to turn shit off, and to name your stupid pet. Now I don’t care if your too lazy to give a name to your pet, but for the love of all that is holy turn off your pet’s ability to pull aggro, before it fucks shit up”

Nothing screams Huntard then an unnamed pet, it drives me into a PMS like rage….Some reason he left. Oh well no big lost, got a mage that loved to blow his wad in first 2 seconds……/facepalm

7 Responses to “Tales of a Tanking Bitch”

  1. But that is how all mages work right?

    Or did I just miss something?

  2. Unnamed pets make me sadface. D:

  3. I am the opposite…I always have it off and forget to turn it back on when it matters…like soloing… /facepalm

  4. I try not to blow my wad in the first two seconds.

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