Plea to the Raven God!

Dear Great Changer of Ways,

I am tired of grinding renown ever so slowly all my friends are RR60+, and since in my career as a Tank and Chosen, I have focused on PvE side of things. Which by the way the vile followers of Nurgle, the God of Pestilence have blocked my attempt to get my Sentinal Shoulders.

I grow weary of grinding away, and try to play catch up with my friends.

I beseech thee oh master of fate to perhaps see to it that we may have other way to get renown.

Suggestions Oh Mighty Tzeentch.

1. Token based turn-ins – You turn in tokens for Renown.

2. Renown on PvE boss kills as well – Not alot, but don’t punish those that like PvE as well.

3. Bump up Renown for people at certain Ranks – Say Under RR40 you get a bonus, under 50 a slightly smaller bonus. Then nothing when you hit RR70

Thank you for listening to the please of this worm of a Chosen, Oh Great Raven God.

5 Responses to “Plea to the Raven God!”

  1. Just give in to your darkside, stop faffing about with flying space horses and bitch slap people with your Chosen more often. The renown ranks will fly in that way my friend.

    BTW Rivs, what do you think to my cunning plan… I’m thinking about selling an utterly pointless, but very pretty picture of a flying space sheep to WoW players for a mere $24. After all the precedent has now been set and I’m cheaper than Blizzard! MUHAHAHA 😉 Just think of the profits!!

  2. shadowwar Says:

    Do scenarios.

    Seriously, absolutely the best way to get renown. And it’s the most fun the game has. Stop dicking around with PvE dungeons, and just fight. You get zone flips in all SCs, and IR destro ahs insta pops. That alone will net you what you need. Gear-wise, Invader is fine for chosen until you can wear a mix of Warlord.

    I beseach you, stop with the PvE, it’s really REALLY not worth it.

  3. But, but DP has +crit, and the best stats for my BW.

  4. Actually the renown-rate below RR70 is quiet fast. Especially with premade scenario-groups.

    And don’t listen to elves.. Do PvE if you like to, but keep in mind, that this will not get you any renown 😉

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