Bitch Betta Have My Money

I’m going to share with you my money-making ideas for Cataclysm. I tend to think outside the box, and look for things not really being farmed like crazy. Now that Blizz took away my Cloth income, I needed something to fill in the gaps. Of course this is server/faction  dependent, and of course since my millions of readers might start doing this it might be farmed alot. I’m sorry did I say millions, I apologize I screw up the decimal, the ten readers might start doing this. I really think though you can make some gold off this.

First you got to be an enchanter. That you need to farm for the Crusader Enchant, I farmed it off the Archmages in Tyr’s Hand in Eastern Plaguelands. 

Once I had that grab Weapon Vellums you’ll need those. Next your going to need to farm the Scarlet Bastion, which is in Stratholme, which is sometimes called the Live side. All the humans there have a chance to drop a Righteous Orb. Per run I get 3 to 6 orbs, plus 4-8 Large Brilliant Shard which per enchant you need 2 orbs, and 4 shards. Each run takes me 10-15 minutes. Create the Scroll of Weapon Enchant- Crusader, and you got yourself a license to print money on my server. 

I’ve been selling them for around 225 gold. So if I get about 2 enchant scrolls per run. Lets say you need to buy weapon vellum, and the scrolls sell cheap right now, even if you go low to 100 gold per weapon enchant. That’s roughly 800 gold an hour on the low-end of the spectrum minus any fees/material costs like vellums.  Myself I’ve been selling them like Hotcakes for 225 gold apiece.

Lets just say I doing quite well on gold. The beauty of it as Cataclysm comes, and gets closer, and even after the need will go up, because the Crusader enchant is the best enchant for Melee weapons, because there is no level requirement. Some other enchants that are selling good in scroll format is Armsman, and Tuskarr’s though there is a little more competition. Cynwise told me the +30 Spellpower enchant is a good one for Casters BOA, I’ll check that out later.  Heck even Righteous Orbs sell for 80g a piece on my server.

So happy farming for gold, and hit me up if you got any good ideas you want to share.  By the way for those morons that buy Dalaran Pets for 100% mark up, thank you oh so much……very much.

6 Responses to “Bitch Betta Have My Money”

  1. The +30 SP enchant does sell well, the problem is that it’s a drop from Molten Core and it’s drop rate is low, so it’s a bit harder to get. If you can get it you’re looking at anywhere from 350g (my ally server average) to about 1250g (my previous horde server avg). It’s server dependent, but take a look at the AH to see where yours is at.

    Twinks are still where it’s at for the enchanting market. Sure, you’ll get people that need enchants for raiding, but the ones spending insane amounts of gold on it are the twinks.

  2. I like the people that buy the same-faction city pets, personally. Snakes, dragonhawks, and the prarie whistle from TB all sell pretty decently (ie there are 3 colors of dragonhawk, i spend a little under 1g per color, sell for ~10g/per on Horde AH, and make about 9g in profit.) Cha-ching, 27g for ~5 minutes of work, tops. (hearth from dal to smc, run to the vendor, run back). They sell better on neutral AH (or if you can work in tandem with a buddy that has alliance to make both your lives profitable.) It’s not the highest profit ever, but it’s steady profit, which is important. :p

  3. Another one that doesn’t sell as fast, but sells well? +15 agi to 1h weapon or +25 agi to 2h weapon. Both are rep patterns from Timbermaw (available at Friendly & Honored, so not even a HUGE grind), and the Eternal Airs they need are EZ Mode to farm in Sithilus. The 1h enchant gets put on heirloom daggers, and leveling bear & kitty druids love the +25 agi for their Repurposed Lava Dredgers. 🙂

  4. rexxgrim Says:

    First you need blacksmith to 375. Used a Death knight. Will be some initial investment to level the profession. Learn Wotlk cobalt set (green tanking starter set lvl 70). Mats are 4/5 cobalt bars (3g Avg price on my server) depending on item. So all plate tanking classes use these as soon as they hit Northrend. Tanking to level has become very popular on my server.

    Skip shoulders and chest most ppl use heirloom items here. So buy mats on AH – ( ore is cheaper if you can smelt it). I can sell about 3 items per slot per day making about 20g+ profit per item. (AH house is sometimes flooded with the hands as most ppl use this to lvl there BS past 375.)

    Buy mats, craft, list – dont think it takes more than 5 min. Could be done queing for BG on Instance.

    PS first time to comment so you can make that 11 readers. 🙂

  5. My enchanter thanks all of you fine people for your information! Since I just switched servers I am kind of dying for cash without all my alts to support me…/sigh.

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