My Hate Makes Me Powerful

I like to PvP there is no doubt about that, but here’s the thing I always have one foot still on the PvE side.

Ok for example in Warhammer, I use a sword and board Chosen Spec. Why? Cause I want to make sure I can tank something if I had to. Let’s put WAR to the side for now, because everyone is a PvPer there no matter what, or who you are, you have to be. Even though I’m a tank, I’m still viable in PvP. I love to smash some doors.

On the World of Warcraft side, My Mage, sure I have a frost spec, but it is more of a raiding type frost spec, my other spec is a raiding arcane spec.  My Gear selection is always got PvE on the mind. It’s like I’m afraid to commit to the PvP side of things. PvE is like my security blanket.  Not that I have always been this way, back in BC I did make the plunge into PvP hardcore in World of Warcraft. It was a lonely path though on a PvE server, where everyone just wanted to raid. There is something about WoW PvP I really do enjoy, I think it has to do with there are ALOT of Carebears, and whiners in WoW, and it feels real good to kill them.

Now that I’m on a PvP server, and that I am not raiding that much anymore I am really thinking about  going full tilt. Working for some PvP gear, spec, gem, and kill hard core. It seems like this new guild I am in, and this Horde on this server savor the PvP, and enjoy it.

I feel my Hate growing in me, and it makes me powerful…indeed.

One Response to “My Hate Makes Me Powerful”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    Bah, stick with your mastery spec for PvP, and just swap tactics for when you do PvE. I use one spec, and did my first actual PvE tanking in WAR over teh weekend. Once I got some positioning down, it was cake. Of course, I’m RR71, so that helps.

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