Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This picture is very artsy

What is art? I love Roger Ebert, I grew up on his insights of film. To him and a multitude of people film is a type of art. I won’t go into all the arguments again, but here’s Roger Ebert’s post, and here’s a really compelling post by a game developer Josh Drescher.

First off in the history of film, I’m sure there were critics who said that film was not an art form, now it’s pretty wide accepted as such, but that is neither here nor there. I think Art can be found in anything, any medium.

Architecture is a type of accepted Art, so when I look at the beautiful building made in Warhammer, it is not any less beautiful because it is in a Video Game, or Music is an art form, but when I hear it play, I think it isn’t any less compelling because it’s in a Video Game.

I use to program, and when I wrote my code it wasn’t code I was writing it was poetry. I saw beauty in the commands and integers, I saw my style, my flow. To me they were things of beauty.

I love Roger Ebert to death, but he is not the end all, be all of all things art, and to confine yourself in such a way is very limiting to me. To me the medium doesn’t matter, if it conveys beauty, complexity, or something that redefines the human nature in such a way it endures the test of time…to me then it is art.

One Response to “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

  1. Yeah I generally respect roger ebert, but his take on this is so out of touch. Art has always had two elements, what the artist is trying to say and what the audience takes away from it. so what if the gaming audience gets to participate a little more. most games are as much a directed experience as any movie or tv show.

    If tv is art, then so are games. Not every game can be Portal, some games are, I don’t know, Alganon. But not every tv show can be the sopranos, some tv shows are Full House.

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