Weekly Lagout

WoW – Well it’s definately been a week filled with Mounts from Blizz selling a sparkly pony, to me getting my Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger. Some fun time with my Hordies, and me just sitting back and collecting my gold from my endeavors. Yeah I’m amassing a fortune,  I might tell you how later on.

WAR – Well my the bloggers came back from Mythic with all their limbs, and looks like we got some things to look forward to in Warhammer online. I’m excited, as for me personally just grinding my renown, and officers medals. Would you believe I’m still 4/5 Greater Wards. I never ever got my shoulders from Bilerot. That place hates me.

Other Games – Just chilling waiting for the next best thing which is most like Star Wars. We’ll see.

High Latency Love –

Seriously Scarybooster and I are looking for someone to help us learn the art of the Podcast. Learn more about it here.

(I never link Scary, I had to make up for it)

Then head over to the Pink Pigtail Inn, just a  great post on Blizz’s treatment of the blogger Community.

Something Funny –

Suits you sir…

With that….


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