Blizzard is still a business, right?

Yeah last I looked Blizzard was out to make money, and lots of it. I don’t begrudge them at all for doing what they do. The Sparkly Horse debate rages on. Here is my thoughts. It’s just that a Sparkly Horse, you don’t need one, you don’t have to spend 25 bucks. If they up the subscription fee, hey I can quit playing. World of Warcraft does not rule my life, it’s a game I enjoy playing…for now.

Do I need a sparkly horse, hell no. I’m Forsaken Biotch, I wouldn’t be caught dead (or undead for that matter) on one of those things. It ain’t ugly enough, and it sure ain’t mean enough. I do not want my enemies to shout, “Here comes Rivzon riding his Sparkly Horse!!” Not really fear inspiring.

I do support this though, instead of getting a vanity pet, put your money to better use. Donate to a charity, or spend it on someone special. As for me, there’s a round of drinks for my friends at the local tavern. I really like this post, and agree with it.

That being said, I am as vain as the next guy what would I pay for.


1. A Dragon that spews an actual breath weapon, and is meaner looking, I love proto-drakes, they are ugly and hideous. The breath weapon need not do damage, just cosmetic. I hate regular dragon tails in this game too, they look like Pine cones, or corn cobs. Get rid of that.

2. A Demon Horse – Sort of like a mix between a warlock horse, and a pegasi. Remember Venger from the Old D&D Cartoons, what he rode was awesome. Let me get my Venger on, you got my 25 bucks.

3. Undead Giant – I thought it was cool, those quests where you rode a giant, or he held you and walked. How cool would that be, bonus if they let you choose where you sit. Or if the Giant held your friends while you rode his shoulder.

As for Pets. XT is a whiny little bitch. Here’s my idea of some cool pets.


1. Lil Ragnaros – Yeah they got a little fire elemental pet, but I would pay for one that said “By Fire be Purged” when you clicked on him, and other cool lines from the script. I would pay alot.

2. Lil’ Illiden –  He would fly around your head, and say things like, “You are not prepared” and “Sometimes the hand of fate needs to be moved” 

3.Lil Sylvanas – That you can get naked, and have her sing on command.. I’d so pay for that…..*drool* What? Oh Nevermind.

Bottomline this whole argument reminds me the last line of the movie, The Devils Advocate where Al Pacino says, “Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.”

10 Responses to “Blizzard is still a business, right?”

  1. I love vanity. As a blood elf, I have basically admitted my sins to anyone who cares to click on me or run a /who. I am pretty. My armor is shiny and now my sparkle space pony is shiny too.

    Deal with it. =)

    .. and I am ready to drop some cash for a Giant to carry me everywhere like the second boss in Pit of Saron.. like right now! Great idea.

  2. I want an assault giraffe.


  3. Different things and have different opinions on how to spend their money.

    You propose other people spend their hard earned money on charities instead of something they will enjoy.

    It’s a slippery slope argument but why stop at giving money to charity instead of buying something fun? Why not do things like sell all your belongings, take a vow of poverty, and give all your money to charity?

    When was the last time you went by the local homeless shelter and handed out food and blankets to the people who get left out due to not enough beds?

    Who are you to decide how others should spend their moneys?

  4. Agreed. That horse is awful! Now, an assault giraffe? That may be something….

  5. shadowwar Says:

    mmmm….Ms. Theron.

    Oh sorry, did you write something too?

    Oh, yes.

    Buy it if you want, I hate RMT and will never participate, but if they can make money off it, more power to them.

    Like Gordon says, “Greed is good!”

  6. Agreed. We can’t really criticize Blizzard for trying to (and succeeding) in making a buck. I guess the thing is that people don’t like the idea of their favourite games company being greedy or about profit. They would rather this sort of stuff was ‘earned’ in game and not bought as it might somehow deminish our investment in the game.

    My only worry is really that we start seeing more and more desireable and useful items for sale and soon end up with high quality weapons and armor on the store, destroying in-game achievements.

    • I doubt they’ll add really useful items, but this may cause them to make more keen fun things that are attainable to people other than just the few who are good at the arena mini game or have gotten their way into top guilds.

      I think they’re doing purely vanity / fun items. I prefer this route to the TCG. I paid 50 dollars for my ASDFing Fishing Chair. (Birthday money so it’s ok: Easy come easy go.)

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