You know what I read a story today about how someone played to escape their real life problems and troubles. I don’t know you, or your life predicaments. Only you know if your playing for enjoyment, and enhance your life, or are you playing to run away, and escape life.

There was a time in my life where I would play to escape my life. I was laid off, or I was working a piss poor job with a college education. Hell I was a bouncer with a computer science degree, I could solve for i, or kick your ass. Either one.

Addiction is a mother fucker. I myself was addicted to gambling. Like MMO’s it was a game to me, but with a different lure money. When all said and done, it cost me alot more than just money. I don’t want to see other’s go through what I did whether it be gambling, drugs, or MMOs

Do you have a problem? Do you think you have a problem?

Do you shirk your responsibilities at work, or home cause of video games?

Are you withdrawing from friends, and family because of video games?

Do you feel more alive, or happier online, and when you go offline are you depressed, angry, sad?

Problems with sleep, or have you gained alot of weight, or lost alot due to your addiction?

Do you lie about your addiction?

I myself had to ask these questions when I was addicted to gambling, and I had to take a long hard look at myself, and get some much-needed help. If you think you have a problem, you most likely do. I urge you seek some sort of professional help. If your afraid, or just want someone to listen, feel free to contact me cc0926(at)gmail(dot)com   Do it anonymously, or not. I am in no ways a professional,or will I have all the solutions,  but I have been around the block, and I always have an ear to listen with.

8 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    Aren’t most addicts oblivious to the fact that they have a problem?

    • theerivs Says:

      No, usually from what i saw in Gamblers Anonymous, in addiction you usually know, but you lie to yourself. Like saying stuff, “I can quit any time”, or ” I’ll stop on Monday”

  2. Actually when I was taking a class on addiction for my psychology degree, there was a discussion about the question that you bring up. The peer reviewed studies show a mix of answers that range from some being completely oblivious to their addiction to some who know that they are addicted but are not able to act on that knowledge. So in actuality both of you are right. Some do not comprehend that they have a problem while some understand that they have a problem but feel powerless and unable to do anything about their addiction.

  3. Tiger Woods Says:

    I know the feeling. The womenz be bringin me down.

  4. I play WOW because I suffer from an extremely terrible case of depression for which the doctors have been too inept to treat properly after ten years and thousands of dollars of trying to get “professional” help and paying for it.

    My place of work dropped me from medical insurance because they could only afford two seats and someone else needed it more because one of my co-workers beat cancer so they’re charging 700 dollars a seat.

    “Professional help” for the near crippling depression is far beyond my budget. WOW provides unlimited distraction at the low low cost of 50 cents per day. Buying the occasional fun treat once every few months isn’t too bad. It’s cheaper and more engaging than cable TV. It’s certainly cheaper than cost of getting “professional help” is in the range of about half a grand per month at the cheapest.

    If escapism is how people cope with life on the brink of what very well might be the second great depression, so be it.

    After all, there’s some real ugly in the world right now related, particularly, to “professional help”.

    Like thi:

    And this:

  5. […] And finally, on a serious note, River, from A High Latency Life, writes a powerful piece about addiction. […]

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