We’re looking for another Jackass.

Me and Scary are looking for someone who is willing to slave work along side us. Someone who knows how to do, and edit podcasts. We got a cool name. The Donkey Show.  So go to Scary’s site and fill out the App.

Yeah it’s gonna be hard work, but look at it this way, you get to work with the two of the most craziest wonderful people around, and I don’t know about Scary, but I smell fantastic, we all know how improtant that is in a podcast.

3 Responses to “We’re looking for another Jackass.”

  1. I would be up for a live webcast.

  2. H00LiGAN Says:

    You and Scary!?! Awwwwwwsome!

    • Yeah, it is like Led Zepplin getting back together for 1 final show. I could be amazing or crash and burn killing thousands. I got a Hypno Toad to help hook our listeners and Jenna Jamison

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