Am I angry at Mythic?

No, Mythic are the developers of Warhammer Online. EA is the one’s that messed up. Big time, they failed so much it’s not even funny.

Though I am not even angry.  I am sure if they took my very last dime, and overdrafted my account by hundreds like some people I am sure I would be REALLY angry. As angry as I am, I have been on this journey of life with EA, and Mythic. EA when they came out with Bard’s Tale in my youth, and Mythic as I played Dark Ages with them. Are they not allowed mistakes, and are they not allowed a pass once in awhile. Heck the government has a lot more issues, and we allow things to slide.  

Here’s the thing though someone compromised my account a few months ago, second time in my life it happened. These people just took the money, I had to file a report, get a new credit card, etc…etc.

EA/Mythic was upfront, nice when I did call (Even though it wasn’t a toll free number), and what they said will happen, did happen. I got my money back, safe and sound

So I am not mad, or angry. I understand if other people are though, and they have a right to be. If it caused me grief like overdrafts, and credit report issues I would be really angry, but it didn’t.

Will I be using a game card from now on. No, there as well. An old Samurai lord once said, ” I would trust a samurai that did make a mistake over one who didn’t make a mistake, because the samurai who made a mistake will be more wary, more experienced. The samurai who has never made a mistake will not have that kind of wariness, thus will more likely commit a mistake.”

So EA/Mythic made a mistake, and I hope it’s resolved, and they hopefully will be more on the lookout for this kind of thing, so I will give them a pass this time….and who knows maybe a Beta to SW:TOR might be my reward for sticking by them.

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