Let me tell you what I do.

“If you don’t have my money for me, I’ll bash your head wide open. About the time your coming out of the coma, I’ll be coming out of jail, then I’ll bust your head wide open again. I don’t give a fuck about jail, I’m stupid like that. That’s what I do” ~Joe Pesci – Casino.

Goodfellas, and Casino are a couple of my favorite films. This situation with Warhammer has got me to a point where I almost want to put one of these guys in a trunk, and rough them up a bit.  Though I am not worse off then some people. I do understand these things happen, but this is a HUGE snafu. This mistake is gonna hurt the bottom line, which sucks real bad because it isn’t Mythic’s fault, it’s EA’s fault. They handle the account managemant.

I talked to Mythic today to their Non-Toll-Free Number, and waited 20 minutes, but it was a good piece of mind, they said they’ll be pushing more charges through today and tomorrow, and it goes in one lump sum, and does not go to pending.

Well at least they have my account info, and that I called in, and I will be patient and give them until Tomorrow.

If not, me and the boys will be loading a Caddy up, and taking a drive to Cali, but for those that are less gangsta then me, check out this info it’s pretty good.

6 Responses to “Let me tell you what I do.”

  1. Want to carpool? So far still no reversals on my end.

  2. Hah, I love those movies! My wife is squeemish though, so they’re strictly when “wife’s out of the house” type entertainment.

    Did you get any overdraft/returned check charges from your bank? I’m interested to know how they’re going to go about returning those to people — if they do at all. In their press release, they made it seem like it would be automatic when it almost certainly will not be. Banks don’t notify merchants when their customers get fees and, for at least two of the big ones, will refuse disclose that even if Mythic tried to call and ask.

    It sounds like they’re working through alright, though. I’m glad you’re in queue to get it returned. This is the kind of thing that makes people lose faith in their game company, so they need to be on the ball as much as they can be. It would help if EA owned up to it but something tells me it’ll be a cold day in Hell before that ever happens.

  3. Actually EA Mythic is located here in Fairfax VA

    • theerivs Says:

      Corporate office that handles billing is in EA on the other side. Mythic does not handle actual billing anymore.

  4. I would not be at all surprised if after this fiasco, more people start using pre-paid game cards rather than entrusting any company with their credit card information.

  5. Legolas4Life Says:

    Hey Riv, go get your fuckin’ shinebox!

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