The Black Altar – Gary Gygax

In the Warhammer Chronicles of  Gortek, and Felix there was a story that contained something called The Black Altar where things were sacrificed to the Blood God Khorne. Here I will use it as a term to pay homage to the Gods of RPG’s, and MMORPG’s that came before us. That without them none of this would be possible.

Are first person we pay homage to is the man himself Gary Gygax. Born on July 27, 1938, and he died on March, 4 2008. This man had a major hand in shaping the way we play games, video and RPG alike.  The man co-created Dungeons and Dragons for crying out loud, that alone deserves a blood sacrifice.

I think without Gary, the landscape of MMO’s would be very different.  I remember I think I was 7 or 8, and my grandfather bought me the Monster Manual for AD&D. I read about all these mythical monsters, and it just churned my imagination. I think I read that book so much it disintergrated. Then came the D&D cartoon which he co-produced when I was a young kid dreaming I was the wizard throwing bolts of magic. I just watched some episodes last night, I thought somewhere in this blog I should have one post to the man who made dreams into reality, and brought fantasy to life. Thank you Mr. Gygax.

Here’s his Wiki, and get your Virgin ready to Sacrifice!

One Response to “The Black Altar – Gary Gygax”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    If you sacrifice a virgin, who will compensate Blizzard for the lost $10 a month?

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