Whatever Happened to Faction Pride?

When I first started my adventures in MMO land it was in the game Dark Ages of Camelot. I was an Albion Cleric. I loved Albion from the Salisbury Plain, to the City of Camelot. I was charged with the defense of my land. When the Hibs, or Mids thought to take our relics, or keeps. I was there with my guild to defend our homeland.  We had a motto, “Guild, Realm, Self”, a motto I try to hold true to.  When I first played World of Warcraft that pride was there. We would scream “For the Horde” over vent as we rampages Southshore.

 Nowadays it seems like there isn’t much of that, that with so many people with toons on both sides of the fence, that’s hard to hate the other side. Though I played both Horde, and Alliance, they both have a different feel to them. The Horde still has some of that “Us versus Them” attitude which I like alot. That’s partly why I am back. I missed it. The Alliance though, they really don’t give a crap. It’s alot of every man for himself. 

In Warhammer, there is some faction pride, but not at the depth of DAOC had. Yet again I think so many people play toons on both sides. Not for me, sure I dabbled in Order, but my heart lies with Destruction, and especially Chaos.  I take great thrill in having bodies of Order around me. I drool at the chance in driving my foes back to their spawn points. It’s part and parcel why I love WAR, and return to it time, and time again.

I thought Star Trek Online was going to be a great place to have this type of pride with the Klingons, but that game just failed. With the lackluster content for Klingons, it just really hurt the community.

One of the reasons I look forward Star Wars, The Old Republic. A faction based on releasing the hate. I’ll be in sure heaven…if they do it right. 

Well that’s way into the future, for now my mage is horde, and being the vessel of hate I am. Things must die, and a part of me will relish the opportunity to kill my old guild mates. Muhahhaaha. Do you feel in your respective game, there is still faction pride?

17 Responses to “Whatever Happened to Faction Pride?”

  1. krizzlybear Says:

    more class pride than faction pride atm. woot for mages, death to snorelocks.

  2. I think in WoW for me the faction pride died when they incorporated shared cities (which are being removed in Cataclysm 🙂 ), and the fact care bears roll on PvP realms these days.

    If your the opposite faction to me then I’ll make you hate the faction by killing you. Red = dead. Regardless of level. More people need to do this to strum up the feelings of hate lol

    Ah how I miss the South Shore Taren Mill battles 😦

  3. Unfortunately, faction pride is just one casualty of the growing ennui plaguing MMO. Or at least, that’s my opinion.

  4. Shared cities killed it dead. The Argent Tournament killed it deader. Story line where we “come together” to kill the common enemy killed it deader still.

    And then holiday achievements came along and we needed to sprinkle pwetty wittle bunny ears on everybody and let them live for 5 minutes while we waited for cooldowns.

    BC stabbed Factions in the gut and twisted to start the bleeding. Wrath saved time and just ripped us in half to speed up the process.

  5. I always found Alliance faction pride to be lackluster, but shared cities did desensitize us. It used to be “OMG IT’S AN ORC!” when I was running about (even on a PvE server, it was kinda cool to come upon someone of the other faction). Now… meh… it’s an orc.

  6. I think DAOC had the best hatred for the opposite factions. It is true these days with vent, IRC, forums, and etc it seems players are more friends than enemies.

  7. In WoW, definitely more class pride than faction pride, imo. I myself own like, 2 druid shirts…but nothing for the alliance 😛 Faction pride is also nonexistent in Star Trek Online for the reasons you’ve noted, plus the fact you have to have a Fed character before you can even create a Klingon. I too rest my hopes of faction pride on SWTOR…I’m going to be playing ball for the bad guys as a bounty hunter, muahahaha!

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  9. Misanthrope Says:

    I never had faction pride. Probably because my father was a borderline objectivist growing up, I have always followed a path of moral, cultural and overall relativism.

    Furthermore, I have never found myself particularly invested in fictional polities- whether they survive, thrive, or die out has absolutely no influence on my life. I’ve been called an “Alliance Fanboy” and “Horde Apologist” by the SAME person, simply because I see the merits of both polities.

    This is probably because I overanalyze things. Who knows.

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