For the record, I support hackers.

Little over melodramatic title, but it’s true. This post had me thinking, its great post and really well thought out….but I don’t agree with it.  I really don’t care about all these ne’er-do-well activities.  As it was once said, “For evil to flourish all it takes is for good men to do nothing”  Ok let me get further to the meat of my argument. 

Back in 2006, I was hacked. I was sick, my toons were deleted. I had to go through a whole rigmarole to get my toon back. It made me learn one important thing, this is a game, these are just pixels. True some pixels we invest ALOT of our time into, just still pixels though. Sure it sucked, don’t get me wrong, but in this life there is alot more important things.  

Ok I never bought gold, but I don’t mind them. If you buy gold, that’s on you, cause it is very stupid there’s ALOT of ways to make gold in this game.  Hell all the dumdum people out there keep me well stocked in gold. Sure I was tempted, but I think outside the box, like for my very first mount I sold rabbits to hordelings, one of the first people to do that. Sure it’s an old concept now, but there’s still money making ways that will net you alot of gold. They say buying gold is cheating, against who? WoW is mostly a PvE game, I’m sure Arthas is pissed you bought gold to make that epic item. There are tons of blogs out there that give you tips on how to make gold.

Of Chinese Farmer, and Botters….since I go outside the box most of my wares are not in competition to farmers/botters. I don’t care though when I want titanium, I don’t want to pay outrageous prices for it. Why is saronite 15g a stack of ore, and not 60 gold. It’s cause of farmers. Is it unfair to those ‘normal’ players who want to sell their ore. Sure is, and so is Walmart. All is fair in love and war, and make no mistake…business is war.  I remember when a program called glider, a popular botting program shut down, prices skyrocketed…scew that!!!

Look in a perfect world I wish there were no hackers, no thieves, no crime. I also wish I lived on lollipop lane, in a giant gumdrop. It ain’t going to happen. Hackers are out there, you might be hacked if you aren’t careful. Hackers are really scumbags, but this is great because it keeps Blizzard on their toes. The process has improved 100 times to restore your stuff, with the speed, and quickness in the way they respond. So I support anything that makes this game better, and anything that makes you better. I feel when you get hacked, you learn something about yourself, and the security of your little world, whither it be you WoW account, or real life.

I don’t know how to fix all this, maybe if  Blizzard just sold gold themselves at a reasonable price.  I don’t know, until then I’ll make sure I got a secure password, and good malware protection on my computer.

**UPDATE…someone just pointed this out to me. I never seen the biggest pile of poop ever.  I lost all respect for

4 Responses to “For the record, I support hackers.”

  1. There are “good” hackers! Not in WoW.. well maybe.. people who play with new mods or something might be Hackers in the traditional sense. I got my account hacked also. I think my password strength was a little too weak. It totally sucked but now I have a random generated long password so maybe it helped me improve. Ok. I have no real point here.

  2. GUMDROPS! I want to live there too.

    I never got hacked but I hate them. Get a life douchebags! Grrrrr! I think a game should let hackers in the game and when they don’t expect it, SNAP! spring a trap and gave the Poe Poe pull up to their door and beat them with night sticks and leave. Do arrest them just beat the shit out of them. It would be fun to see it on TV too. So all those wAntabe hackers can watch.

  3. I am not sure I qualify most of it as hacking. It is not like they are doing it the old fashioned way of randomly putting in usernames, and passwords. They basically trick you into giving them your information with phishing emails.

    I am a little troubled that WoW went to email addresses for logging in. I think that is a little less secure than a username. It probably isn’t to hard for someone to figure out someones email with twitter, facebook, blogs, and stuff these days.

    The authenticator is the best tool to prevent it, and I suggest everyone use it so even if you do fall for some phishing scam your account is still safe.

  4. The problem with hackers currently is that they’re using man in the middle attacks to break into accounts with authenticators. These attacks are kind of complex and could potentially also be used for breaking into bank accounts.

    That’s some bigtime technology there. The fact that it’s being applied to WOW is unreal and the fact that it could be applied to other, far more harmful things is frightening.

    Bank fraud, wire fraud, that’s some scary stuff, like, going to jail level scary stuff.

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