Weekly Lagout

WOW – Pre-Expansion lull, and summer blues, I think it’s going be rough for people in WoW, and the smaller guilds. We’ll see. Mages really need some love though, it’s hard to log in to him these days and not feel sad. 

WAR– Just been having some great fun here. Getting back into the swing of things with some old friends. Had a wonderful time with some ORvR last night.

LOTRO – Yeah I’m trying this out. It’s OK. Beautiful game. But it’s missing something. I got a month. I’ll keep stabbing away at this.

High Latency Love –

Goes to Krizzlybear for such a great post about Frost Mages.

Also some love to Openedge1 at In Between the RPG  for putting up with my Tweeter mess ups 🙂

Something funny….

My Newest Blog….

Farm My Life.

If you celebrate Easter, have a good one and safe one, if not your heretics we’ll be buy to burn you at the stake later….just kidding. Have a good weekend.

With that…


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I’ve already hit the lull in WOW a few weeks ago, kinda glad I went to Warhammer right now. I tried lotro a couple of times, it is a pretty game, but just can’t get into it for some reason.

  2. I tried LOTRO and hated it…not sure why but the movement of the character made me nauseous all the time. I can’t play a game if it just makes me want to vomit all the time.

    Everquest II wasn’t too shabby though…but it’s no WoW.

    Kind of looking forward to Diablo III and GW 2.

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