Way of the Chosen – AoE Grinding.

Werit brought up that Chosen are the gods of AoE grinding, and he’s right. Also a friend of mine might take up the Way of the Chosen. So here is a post I wrote quite a bit a go. Again Thanks to my Guildie Sans of many moons ago for doing this. I looked it over, and it seems as though the info is still valid. I used this method to level up my Chosen pretty fast.

Here’s the original Post.

Anything wrong with it. I will modernize it just let me know.

3 Responses to “Way of the Chosen – AoE Grinding.”

  1. What server are you on? I think I may try the free trial.

  2. I setup my character on Iron Rock Destro. I am some kind of Witch Elf or something. I am soooo hot. I do not understand why dudes would play dudes you know? heh. Anyway it took so long to load everything down last night all I really got to do is talk to two quest givers. Did not even kill any little punk ass monsters. I also am lagging bad on my crap computer. Hopefully they have settings to turn down the graphic quality. blah. I need a new machine!!!!!

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