Tales of a Tanking Bitch

So I have been really lucky with the groups lately….until last night.  I swear I had a mage, and a hunter both seemed like they just got back from Ebay with their new accounts. Went into the Nexus. Not a hard instance, right? Wrong! It’s hard as hell when the short bus opens up and lets out your group.  

Hey here’s an awesome idea, steal aggro, and run the fuck AWAY from me. You know the guy with a taunt, that has a limited range so I can’t pull the mob off you.

Oh wait if pulling aggro was the only offense I would say ok, inexperience. Hey what you doing over there, Oh you wanna pull…with your face. Good job. That’s all your face was good for.

I snapped after the second boss,  I was like “Ever hear of Aggro Motherfuckers? Here’s an idea download Omen….NOW!”

They really didn’t say much, odd thing was I had a quest there, so I wasn’t about to leave. My computer though must be developing a symbiotic relationship. WoW locked up on me, had to end the program, and go back in. When I logged back in everyone was dead, including myself, and I think they kicked me, cause I was no longer a part of that group.

Yeah I’m gonna cry myself to sleep over that one.

2 Responses to “Tales of a Tanking Bitch”

  1. Nothing like experiences of tanking for idiots. You know that you are a tank when you have desired to PvP the bunch of idiots that the randomizer decided to throw at you.

  2. Yep, the joys of being a tank-bitch. I could probably write a book with all the dumb things I’ve seen people do in groups while I was tanking.

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