Countdown to Cataclysm-Life in the Poorhouse

Well for me it’s a Countdown to Cataclysm, kind of preparing myself, collecting tokens, and getting my pally to 80. Get some more BOA gear for the Worgen Rogue I want. 

Meanwhile Blizzard is trying to put me in the Poorhouse. Such is the life of a tailor these days, with the cloth CD gone ebonweave is done to 20g, and spellweave 50g. Practically what it cost me for the eternal fires when I made said cloth before the cooldown removal.  Sure now it will be dirt cheap to make the Merlins Robes, and Bejewelled Bracers, Oh wait yea there goes my money making abilites to.

Well theres no point to making cloth anymore. Why really should I go through the trouble, hopefully other people will stop making the cloth, and there will be a shortage near Cataclysm.

Good thing theres alot of idiots on my servers….cause they are still buying Dalaran pets for 3x the mark up…..and that just cracks me up.

6 Responses to “Countdown to Cataclysm-Life in the Poorhouse”

  1. Selling pets is pretty easy money, even when they’re easily obtainable in-game.

  2. I have been thinking of dropping tailoring for sometime. I am so attached to my flying carpet though. And every guild needs a bag bitch.

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