A Warhammer Review from Someone who actually plays.

“It was early evening in the Woods surrounding the Temple of Isha. The Changer of Ways has guided us here to show the fools the error in following a weak god. Then I see my hated foes, I call upon the power of Tzentech to warp the air around me, I feel his power flowing through me. Then I see a foolish slayer named Gaarawarr, his blows rain upon my shield, as I laugh maniacally. He nicks me a few times, though the Zealot gives me a blessing and I fight on. The slayer smiles at me, thinking he has me. Then a look of surprise is upon him, as he crashes dead. A Witch Elf’s dagger sticking in his back, as she retrieves her dagger, she give me a lustful smile, and licks her blade clean. If only I was still mortal, and such desires were still a part of me the things I would do to defile her, but such thoughts are driven out of my head as quick as they come. For the Raven God calls, and he demands blood!”

MMORPG.com just did a re-review of Warhammer Online, and it was pretty much chock filled with lies, with all the changes in WAR lately. I had to come back and check it out.

First of all lets start with the endless trial, and a client you can download. This is unheard of, you can play Warhammer for free. Even if I never played it I would download it just for that. I rolled a Witch Hunter, got him to Level 10. The Scenarios were a great deal of fun, when I did open field battle it was like a standoff, neither side getting an advantage, once in a while a few tanks would get daring and charge, but once over they would die that is the swarm of order. It was like a giant, red rover game. Red Rover, Red Rover let the Chosen come over. I still had fun.

I logged back in, and it used to be Bright Wizards or BW’s versus Sorcerors, or Sorcs. It use to be all about AoE. Not the case anymore. I went into Scenarios, and sometimes Destro won, and sometimes Order won, it wasn’t one sided. It felt competetive.  Some scenarios are just super fun, like They brought Doomfist Crater, a scenario with a bunch of bridges back to all tiers. If you ever knocked someone off a bridge, or even better punted someone into lava then you know what evil glee that brings you.

In the open field or  RvR “lakes”  Had a great battle with some Order in Etaine. Sure they routed Destro, but it wasn’t one sided type victory, it felt like a battle. It lasted a bit, it wasn’t a zerg on zerg. It was just good wholesome fun.

I play a Chosen, and I use a Sword and Board. It just felt like I was a tank, Order would beat, and beat on me. Then my Destro friends would come by and sweep my enemies up. Last couple of days I don’t think I had so much fun.

Alot of the old problems in this game are long gone, the CC-o-rama, the BW/Sorc AOE killing sprees, The LagFest.  On that note the game never ran better, and I got all of the graphics turned up. I don’t think I had slow down yet, in fact it’s so fast I’m not use to it. It gets a little chaotic.

Some of the problems that are still there is the City Sieges still need work, PvE needs some polish. Some more balancing of classes, a tweek, here and there. The great thing is Mythic is still striving to make this game all it can be, and I have to respect that. I never seen a development studio listen to their community like Mythic has, and I doff my cap to them.

Let me  be honest though this is a PvP game. There is some PvE, and it’s ok.  I think WoW, and LOTRO does PvE better. If you like killing then WAR will be the game for you.  With the expansion pack looming, Mythic always working on this title, a endless free trial, I think there has been no better time then to download the client and give it a try, and who knows you might like it, and stick around longer.

Until next time, may the Raven God always show you the path of change.

2 Responses to “A Warhammer Review from Someone who actually plays.”

  1. Lies, whatever do you mean? The reviewer thinking it would be nice if Empire was added as playable for example?

    It might be thought that one should actually play a game one reviews, but that might be my oldschool stylee reviewing bias showing through.

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