My Tanking Addiction

Hi my name is River, and I have a tanking addiction….

WoW– So I started my World of Warcraft life as a Warrior.  I love just getting beat on, even when I knew Prot Tanks were useless in PvP, I still loved things like carrying the flag in WSG, or just protecting a tower, and getting beat on, and beat on. I use to laugh maniacally when 2 or more people were beating on me, and it would take forever to kill me. I took pride in the fact I was in many first boss kills for my guilds, that after nights of working out, and hammering strats it was me that lent a helping hand and made it possible.  For a long while I enjoyed the Warrior life, but as I raided, and ran heroics I started to tire of the other things that came along with being a tank.Leading, telling people what, and where they need to be. Babysitting really. So I hung the Warrior up, and delved into Magery.

Now I am playing a Pally Tank, and as I play and become more familar with the play style, I am enjoying myself more and more, even though I am just using the LFG tool. Who knows where I’ll end up, if I’ll raid or not. It’s pretty sick though, I’m getting enough badges so when I turn 80, I’m gonna get some pimped out gear.

WAR – Well in Warhammer I played the Tabletop game before, and I love Chaos, and the way the Chosen looked. So no doubt I played a Chosen, but not only played a Chosen, I built a blog around them.  I loved kiting the Bilelord in Bilerot, or figuring what to do with the Tree boss in Lost Vale. Being one of the few people in my guild who completed Lost Vale, I felt really good about my contributions. WAR falls in and out of grace with me, but I loaded it back up.  Even though I sacrificed my Renown Ranks for Dungeon running, and I am a lowbie 42 Renown Rank. I still had fun when 4 people were beating on me, and some Sorcs unleashed a few Pits under me, and I just walked over some Orders corpses. Also it was a great blast to see an old archnemesis. Buddylee the White Lion in som Scenarios.  I killed him a few times, and one time it was me and him one on one, and he tried to kill me, and wasn’t going anywhere fast, and just gave up.

LOTRO– Or Lord of The Rings Online, Turbine had a great deal $9.99, you get the game, and expansions plus 30 days playtime. You can beat that with a stick, so I decided to roll a Guardian which is a tank.

What can I say, maybe I’m a masochist and just loves to be punished…I have issues, and I need help.

5 Responses to “My Tanking Addiction”

  1. I’m glad someone likes doing it. My pally is at 60 now. For 3 terrifying levels I attempted to tank. I prefer the self loathing that is _Healing_. So what if i have a druid with a resto offspec… a disc priest and a holy pally… what’s it to ya? 😛

  2. I love my Guardian in LOTRO. He’s actually the only tank I’ve played in any game that I’ve really, really liked. I can deal with tanking as a DK in WoW, but that feels more like a rogue in plate to me… but the Guardian is just awesome. Good self heals… the attack animations are also really cool. Particularly on my hobbit, when he unleashes Bash on a mob it is just plane fun!

  3. shadowwar Says:

    We should meet up tonight if possible and unleash some DoK/Chosen combo of evil.

    • theerivs Says:

      I plan on being on later tonight, when I don’t quite know cause I gotta go get fitted for a tux, and then wash my golf clubs off, and get them ready for war of a different kind.

  4. I played a warrior in EQ (where all you could do WAS tank), so when I started up in WoW five years ago, I wanted my Tauren to be a giant machine of destruction, just wandering the lands beating down anything in his path with the biggest honkin’ two-handed whatever I could find.

    Well, when I had to help set up a Karazhan raid after TBC came out, I had to take Linedan prot because I knew he couldn’t tank it as arms or fury. He’s been prot ever since. But thanks to the joys of dual-spec, I can still wander the lands beating down anything in his path with TWO of the biggest honkin’ two-handed whatevers I can find. 🙂

    I do love tanking, though. I love warrior tanking, specifically.

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