The Tanking Bug

First Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy, his role in Mr. Spock molded my young mind and instilled a love for logic in me, and all things Star Trek.

As some of you may or may not know, I played a Tank for a long…long time. I gave it up in Wrath, cause well I was burnt out on tanking among other reasons.

1. I was sick of telling everyone what they need to do.

2. I was tired of fighting bears, pallies, and I saw the writing on the wall with DK’s that there would be alot of Tanks fighting for 1 or 2 positions in raids.

3. Being a Prot Warrior, meant shitty PvP, so I was sick of respeccing all the time. This was before duel specs were even dreamt of.

4. No raiding, meant I was pretty much just wandering around doing nothing.

So I decided magery and that was it, and I was happy….until now.

I don’t know if it’s Expansion pack duldrums, you know the lull before an expansion pack hits, or if I truly do missing tanking. So I begun tanking again, as you can see by some of my tanking bitch posts.  I’m not an altoholic, but I am just having fun tanking lately, and luckily lately no bad groups. 

Part of me wants to concentrate on the Pallie Tank, and get to 80, then part of me feel guilty for neglecting my mage. Do any of you self proclaimed Altoholics get this way at all?  Missing that one special toon, or class?

It’s exciting though, being back in the thick of things, and really once you get the rotations down. You just have to worry about gear.

Things I enjoy about tanking,

1. Just taking the hits. In real life I was a bouncer, and it reminds me of those days. Just Brawling it out. I feel awesome just being hit standing there. I get a real kick in PvP when 3 or more people gang up on me, and I’m still standing laughing. Also now that I’m pally the bubble….awesome!

2. Up front, being an attention whore that I am, and having everyone watch my ass.

3. My pickings of the gear.

4. Guild Love- They build raiding schedules around your schedule when your one of the few main tanks in the guild.

5. Now with the LFG tool, insta- queues. When I’m dps it takes 15-30 minutes to get a group. As a tank if it takes more than 3 minutes it’s odd.

6. The best thing about being a tank, being all up in that CROTCH!

5 Responses to “The Tanking Bug”

  1. Yup, I miss my Rogue ………badly. Having did the idiotic thing and deleting him last time I left WoW however I cant really go back.

    I’ll be going Rogue at Cataclysm but even now when I log on as my pala or resto druid I get a bit sad 😦 I miss my little stealthy ninja.

    Still the chance to roll a Worgen rogue fills me with joy …….. pity that its months off

  2. I felt the raid tanking bug bitting hard around the time toc was released. I say raid tanking because well I had 2 tanks at 80 at the time and my pally tank was my 3rd 80 but I never felt the desire to really focus on her. My warrior hitting 80 at the time really made me miss progression raid tanking. I was one of those druids in BC that stole your raid spot as a tank but got burned out at the start of wotlk.

    I couldn’t have been happier to join my current guild as a prot warrior. Going from crap heroic/toc mix gear to now sitting at 33k armor and 46k hp’s unbuffed has been nothing but fun.

    Being able to look back at the 24 other raid members and say “Aight guys I got this” and charge some of the biggest baddest mfers out there… nothing compares to that.

  3. If you DO try tanking again, get a guild and run with them. You DO NOT want to tank for PuGs.

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