I don’t buy Gold, then again I don’t hate them.

Gold Buyers Need a Spanking!

There is a lot of talk lately, alot of accounts getting hacked. A revelation by Suzina sparked a Blogosphere bloodbath, about buying gold.

First let me say this I was hacked a while back, when the hackers removed my profession, got disenchanting, and disenchanted everything I had. Then deleted some toons.

At first I was sour really sour. Then I came to a healthier way of looking at it. They are just pixels. Sure pixels I invested alot of time in, but in the end it’s just a game. Blizzard restored everything in a day or two, and I hear their getting faster at it. They couldn’t restore my professions.

It’s like drugs, sure drug users are funding the drug sellers, but I don’t hate people that use drugs….I pity them.

If you buy Gold to me the worst thing you are guilty of in my eyes is laziness. To me I don’t mind it. Go spend your money on virtual pixels. Me I’d rather use that money to spend on a round of drinks. There is so many ways to make gold now in WoW it’s sickening.

-First you got Dailies- 10-13 gold per. Do even ten quick ones, like the Shadow Vault, the Hodir ones, that’s 100-130 gold for 30 minutes of work.

-Do some research there are an asston of blogs out there dedicated to make you gold, like Gevlon, or Just My Two Copper

– Beg for gold. You heard me. Beg. If you’re morally depleted and not above buying gold, why not beg. There is studies that show beggers make actually a decent amount of gold. I believe, I’ve been experimenting and RP’ing a paladin asking for donations for the church, I made about 30 gold so far. Not bad for total invesntment of 5 minutes of my time, and casting a blessing.

– Farm something – Look at what sells good, like say eternal fire, Farm the crap out of it.

– Think outside the box – There are always different ways to make gold you just got to do something no one thought about. When we were still in Vanilla WoW, I use to sell Opposite side faction pets and made pretty profits. Of course thats old news, but I was one of the first people to do it on our server.

Bottomline Gold is so easily got today it’s rather stupid to buy it. Funny thing is I don’t mind stupid people. These people that are buying gold, might be the same people buying my Calico Cats for 100 gold, when they just need to go to Dalaran and spend 40 gold. So keeping these stupid, lazy people around is keeping me well stocked…

9 Responses to “I don’t buy Gold, then again I don’t hate them.”

  1. Nice article 🙂 Definitely agree that it’s all about perspective! There are more important things in life than WoW 🙂 Great photo by the way 😉

  2. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. There’s a reason Blizzard priced dual spec so high to begin with — they don’t WANT people who are new to the game getting it, because having two specs is too confusing if you don’t fully understand what your first spec is for yet.

    If you’re a veteran of the game, 1000 gold is not difficult to make, even on a fresh server. My character in SAN is only level 26 and pulled 300g out of the mailbox yesterday, which was promptly reinvested. I don’t imagine it’ll be hard for me to hit 1000g by the time I reach 40. A few things can be depended on to always sell, and one of those things is copper ore. (Netherweave Bags tend to be a really high-volume business too — no matter how many you craft, they’ll all sell within 24 hours.)

    If you’re NOT a veteran of the game, you don’t need any of the things that buying gold would buy for you anyway. There are people who get to 80 without all kinds of things, it’s ridiculous. People who level without talents because they don’t know they have them. Stories of melee hunters leveling without ever having a pet. And they do just fine, and have fun regardless. If you know you have talents at all, you’re better off than some people.

  3. Totally agree… laziness or impulsiveness, at least in Suzina’s sake, was IMHO the problem.

    I like how you RP the beggar. If I saw noobs begging that way instead of sounding like 10 yo’s, I would hand out a lot more money.

  4. A minor correction. I’d already picked up my pitchfork and fiery brand before I was aware of the 10rats post, that was brought to my attention by a commenter.

    I am still angry and it wasn’t even my account that was hacked.

  5. I know plenty of people who simply do not have time to farm gold, and thus ended up spending money to make up for that, so they could participate in the end game. this was in a micro transaction game, so they weren’t hurting anyone except their own wallet.

    Unfortunately wow is a much more popular game, and doubtless has many many people with the same problem.

    I don’t condone people buying gold outside the system but I won’t persecute them either, like the commenters on that post.

  6. I don’t see the point of buying gold in warcraft. It is so true how easy it is to make gold in the game. All it does is overinflate all the prices. It just makes something that might sell for 10g sell for 100g. It doesn’t effect the non gold buyers as much as they think either because they are probably earning 100x the price of stuff they put on the AH.

  7. I remember when my wife played and she decided to be a stripper in Ironforge…dancing and saying “Lap Dances For Gold”

    She made a ton that night (PS: I got lucky later as well…she is such a wench…)

  8. Its been a while since I visited (slap) and was wonderfully surprised to see your pic – very nice.

    I have never been hacked but my younger brother once decided to have a play on my mage and for some reason deleted my tailoring (I still slap him now for that as I was at 445) as I was away on business and by the time I retuned and realised Blizzard said they couldn’t reinstate it.

    As for gold buyers I really dont have a view on this. I would never do it but would never look down at someone who had. It’s their money and if they wanna blow it on gold then who am I to pass judgement.

    I currently make cloth every 4 days, transmute and various other proffs and yes I do the Shadow Vault dailies amongst others (much to friends amazement) but like you say they are so easy, take little time and well worth the return (which is what I say to my friends)

    Maybe people buy gold out of desperation of keeping up with everyone else or just lack of play time?

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