The First Guild Meeting of the Brotherhood.

I think in the 8 years of playing MMO’s there was maybe 3 guild meetings I had to go to. First one was with The Knights of The Red Dragon. Someone had usurped control of the guild, and decision had to be made on whether we would split, and form a new guild. The second was with Oppress, ever since a merger we have been plagued with incompetence.

Then this one with the Brotherhood of Oblivion.

First part of the meeting was dedicated to “Don’t be a Dick” rule. Easy enough, don’t be a dick. I can dig it.  Hard for me to do, but I’ll try.

Next part of the meeting they touched on our blogging endeavors. This is where my hairs rose a little. Sure they were saying be careful what they say, and Mom said, “Words have consequences.”  which is true. Then again the day I start giving a fuck about consequences will probably be the day I look up and see a safe falling on me, or when the doctor says I got herpes. I say what I want, I do what I want for the most part, I try to keep a modicum of society rules, and try not to crash and burn.

I have a feeling, that someone saw a blog and THOUGHT it was about them cause they were so vain, and took offence, and bitched about it.  My thoughts on the matter is the Sally should toughen up, if they don’t like it there’s the door, or create their own blog and bitch about us. I have a funny feeling it was my blog in question, cause…well I am an attention whore, and very vain.  I also was very vocal about people that joined our guild, and I didn’t pull any punches.

The next part was about Vent, and Leadership…..I usually don’t say shit in Vent in general, so I’m good there. Respect for me is Earned, not given. There are a few people that have earned that respect in BoO, a few have not. If you expect me to follow their lead, then they must prove themselves.

For the most part I do think this meeting was a little too late, I think we started to mesh better as a guild, and you don’t need a couple hours of my time to tell me to stop being a dick. ..or maybe I do.

10 Responses to “The First Guild Meeting of the Brotherhood.”

  1. Agreed on the blog thing. If ppl get upset because of things said on a blog, they need to toughen up a lot.

    I dont give a shit what ppl think about me. If i see someone saying i messed up or that i suck at something. I’ll try to find out if they’re right that i did and then i’ll correct myself. I wont be crying on Mom’s shoulder about ppl being mean to me.

    And to have that kinda rule in BoO, where half the member have their own blog or joined because of another members blog is kinda strange.

    What can anybody says on their blog that’d be worse than Evis testicles?

    • Playing devil’s advocate here for a second:

      Is it more beneficial to the team to blog about how someone is fail or to take five minutes and be like “Hey, your spec is wonky – how come?”

      I don’t believe in censoring blogs either (beyond self-censoring), but I would rather see people talking to each other than about each other.

      • Sure,

        But sometime you’ve already tried that and it didnt work. (yes i have a name in mind). That person is still failed despite numerous ppl trying to help and he was invited regardless of his fail to our raid last thursday…

        Imo, that makes them total fair game for ridicule or anything else.

      • theerivs Says:

        No Good Question. Personally I had a leash put on me. So I have been trying to behave, but my blog is my domain where I rule. So that’s where I go to bitch, moan, or just tell it how I see it. In the past though make no mistake, I had no qualms telling a person they suck.

        Let me explain something, I am not the best player in the world. I am not the best geared mage on the server. I do my best, with what I have. I read forums, I read blogs, I take advice. I take my time to make my toon the best I can with what I got. If the other people in my guild, in my group do not offer me the same consideration, how can I offer them any consideration regarding their thoughts or feelings. .

        Its a matter of respect. I respect you enough to do the best I can. If your glyph selection is more cause it’s a fun glyph….and the lack of dps, tps, or heals gets me wiped and takes time to walk back…then you don’t respect me or my time.

        Then you will have my disdain.

  2. If the other people in my guild, in my group do not offer me the same consideration, how can I offer them any consideration regarding their thoughts or feelings.

    I absolutely and completely agree with you, FWIW.

    Honestly, I know precisely one spec like the back of my hand, and it’s a failspec, so it’s not common – clearly, I’m a masochist! But I know a little about a lot, and will offer help if someone is clearly struggling. I can theorycraft for hours – I caught that from my SO. I just believe that sometimes, people are just unaware and education trumps bashing in my book.

    Clearly, some people cannot (or will not) learn, and unless they’re a hardcore-solo player, I totally understand the scorn. Play a less amazing spec if you must (and I must!), but play it as well as you can or don’t inflict yourself on others.

    My self-censoring blog policy is simply this: I will not blog something I wouldn’t say TO the person I’m talking about. That works for me. Granted, I’m more politic than a lot of people, and don’t expect everyone to be like me. 😛

    • “I will not blog something I wouldn’t say TO the person I’m talking about. That works for me.”

      I think thats Failmage policy too. Problem is there’s pretty much nothing he wouldnt say TO the person hes talking about 😉

  3. You a dick? lol! What really?

    Your blog is your castle – admitty one that broadcasts around the world. Usual rules apply, if it’s the truth speak it, if it’s not, a big disclaimer can’t hurt.

    As for people that build houses next to airports then protest for the airport to be removed…

    I live near an airport, I can practically touch the planes – do I complain – no way, it’s too convient!

  4. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    Be aware of peoples reactions but if writing about what you want to write about and being in a guild that is trying to censor you – you may be faced with blog v guild.. and it looks like other who have been faced with that choice – the blog always wins.

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