Old School

Gnomey was talking Gatekeepers, and others around the blogosphere are talking Immersion, or the lack there of.

It had me thinking, was WoW tougher back when it first started?  Has the Old School Guard gone away?  Am I a dinosaur in the WoW Landscape?

Back in the day we had 40 man raids, and guilds filled with 100’s of people. We had to tell people they couldn’t go. These days the guilds I’ve been in have trouble scrapping together a 25 man raid. Yes 40 man raid’s were a logistic nightmare, but when things went well. It was awesome thing. I would be chatting with our guilds mages 5 or 6 of them cracking jokes in mage chat. I would look around and see 39 other people raiding at the same time, making sure I did my part to not let them down.

It wasn’t about the purple pixels, damage meters, or your gear score. You got rewards if you showed up and performed, and stayed, called dkp, this dkp got you loot. There would be several runs I never got a piece of gear. It was ok, cause it was all for the Guild.

In MMO’s in general as I flitter from MMO to MMO, I see a scary trend. That it’s not about crafting a cool world to dwell in, but to make sure there is action all around you, and you get bigger and shiner loot for every step you make. In Warhammer Online, it was Scenarios, all the time….In Age of Conan everything was so instanced it was sick.  Sometimes the things I like the most were the little things in WoW, the attention to detail that made the World of Warcraft alive. The Ogres dancing by themselves, the paintings on the wall in Scarlet Monastary, the conversations between mobs when your eavesdropping, cool little things. Like Neo in the Matrix, things that made you stop the roses and go…Whoa.

9 Responses to “Old School”

  1. Time for you to move on to Everquest 2. WoW is just not what it used to be.

  2. Ahhhh the paintings on the wall in SM. Even with my old low spec pc I would stare at those… Then I had plenty of time while licking the marble floors waiting for a Rez.

    These days it feels like a gallery that I wander slowly through, ice landing the foolish Scarlet *whatever* that yells out HALT!

    I’ve found myself checking out every corner, not for chests filled with green, but for all the little details.

    Mmm these are mean to be speed runs.

  3. I really do wish that people took as much pride in raiding as they used to. I don’t know what could be done to change that, but I do feel that a lot of people just don’t take it seriously. I love to joke around, but I do take my performance seriously and try to do my best.

    • I think it is because raiding no longer feels like raiding. You no longer have to kiss up to guild leaders, and officers to get your tier gear. You can play the game solo, and play the game just for yourself.

  4. The best is when it’d make you stop and think like Bill and Ted, “Excellent!”…

  5. The rush to end game has only increased and leads to many questioning content, game play etc. They miss all that is inbetween and end up realizing they have nothing in common with the character they made. This ends up with some blaming the company for ‘lack of content’ or ‘poor end game’ etc.
    The journey is the key, even in some of my less favorite MMO’s I have played I ended up liking something along the path of leveling. It’s when you start to call it ‘grinding’ thats when you need to look around to see if you are missing something. Warhammer is a prime example, people are pushed from all sorts of directions (including Mythic) to get to Tier 4 PvP yet it is the least like part of the PvP experence. You end up missing so much which makes me sort of said for both the players and the developers who put so much effort into creating some of the bess visuals and atmosphere going in any game enviroment.
    Many times I have gazed at the empire towers lofting over the landscape, fighting the mobs to get to the top to look over the vast tracks of lands below. Truly inspiring, the level of details is inspiring yet totally missed my many players. I once sat and watched a group of NPC’s outside of the Grey coach inn gather and get ready to burn a witch the dialoge was great to read and watch as they built themselves up into a frenzy. If one takes the time to stand in Altdorf in the market you can what the play prior to the hangings. I wonder hwo many players actually know about the play or even the hangings?
    Without a history to your character you end up not caring about the present and thus have no pride in what you have accomplished or in that character.

    • Great comment. And as I have played Warhammer, though I never played Order.(Your scum) I do catch alot of great things in the Game, that people take for granted. I too sat on a tower, and gazed over the land.

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