This is how I would of done it.

You empty the Joe, You make some Mo...WHOO!

Armchair quarterback…that’s what I’m all about.  So Arthas is dead, I feel I don’t know unfulfilled. Is this how girls feel when the boy doesn’t do the job? Like we did all this work, and for what.

Well if I was the man in charge this is how I would of done things.

Arthas isn’t defeated…he escapes and disappears.  In Cataclysm, Worgen are cool. But the Goblins…not so much. I would of had the Naga become a playable race for Horde.. Deathwing is back big time, and threatening to destroy Azeroth…In the end Arthas comes back to help this time against Deathwing…now that would be redemption. Can I hear making the Scourge a playable Faction?  I was always enthralled when you were able to see the other side of the coin, like I heard if you had corrupted Ashbringer, the Scarlet Crusade was friendly. Cool stuff like that.

Well no matter what happens, I think Cataclysm will be interesting….I just hope it’s fun.

5 Responses to “This is how I would of done it.”

  1. Definitely agree with the worgen/goblin comment. I think goblins are worse than gnomes….if that’s possible! It means I’ll have to roll alliance…which truly scares me! Naga? Too slithery. What about ogres?

    • Ogres aren’t smart enough I don’t think, but there are ogre mages. Naga would be cool, something different then the usual 2 legged toons.

      • Yeah…i thought of the ogres not so smart thing right after i typed it. And I see your point about getting away from the standard 2 legged toon. Or the halfbreed ogres in BC.

  2. I have always thought the Naga would be a cool race to play. Could you imagine how many Ariel’s there would have been?

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