Don’t Believe the Hype

You’d think since I love that Public Enemy song, I would actually follow its advice.

When Warhammer Online came out, I loved the IP (Intellectual Property) so much I turned a blind eye to any problems to the game, and I still do in some sense. I want it to succeed so bad, I think I tossed more money then I should at it. Is it a bad game? No…Does the game have faults…sure it does. Most MMO’s do, and even WoW does…*SHOCK* The Problems WoW has though has been ironed out in the 5 years it’s been out. When I first logged into WoW, I got queues, and server disconnects, Lag in IF so bad it was like a slide show. So even though time clouds our memories, I remember the bad times, and they still continue. I now have DSL, and WoW blows up my modem when I log into Dalaran. I mean WTF! ..Really?

Let me get to my point…Cryptic, and Star Trek Online. I was blinded by the IP, Star Trek I allowed myself to fall into the hype, especially after the Klingon PvP trailer. Three Klingon Birds of Prey swooping in for the kill…yeah I got a boner. After Cryptic did it’s shady business with Champions Online. They offered lifetime subs, and then said they ran out of them even after people already ordered it, if I remember correctly. Whatever the case it was shady business. Now the day of Star Trek Online opening they pull out of their arse, a Microtransaction store where you can buy races, that give you…that’s right bonus abilities…I am hating Cryptic so much right now…it’s not even funny.

Here’s the problem I love the IP, I like the game actually. The space part is awesome, but is that enough for me to play this game, to be an active part of this game? The only part of this game that I would enjoy is the PvP, but the Klingons aren’t fleshed out.  There are still alot of questions I have about this game, and will I be investing my time into this game.

I have a Collectors Edition waiting for me at Gamestop on my way home, and I am seriously debating just leaving it there.

One Response to “Don’t Believe the Hype”

  1. I think that this system with subs and micro-transactions is just too much.. Do players look like cows who need to be milked?

    I don’t think that this will be good for Cryptic in the long run.

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