Aliens Versus Predator

I know this isn’t an MMO, but as we come closer to release date, I get more excited. This is where my real online gaming craze started. I played this game (Aliens Versus Predator 2), joined a clan called Hell’s Elite Legions, and from there I started to play Dark Ages of Camelot.

I was a Predator, when we had clan matches this is where I excelled. I was skilled with Alien, and ok with a Marine. Ah but the Predator, i layed the smack down. My favorite was being stealth, and as a marine walked by…..WHACK!. Off with his head, then do my Predator roar.

The dynamic of this game was so good, and fun. It was like Starcraft for FPS. 3 sides with different abilities, duking it out, yet complimenting each other.From what I am seeing out of this game it looks like it’s going to be the same type of fun. Better maps, better graphics, and some good old fashioned blood.

Yes the Hype wagon rolled by, and I just hopped on board.

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