I love Gnomes!

Keredria says I hate Gnomes. That couldn’t be farther then the truth, back in the day I sent a pic to Gnomey. It’s a pic of me showing a lovely Gnome some love with my mage.

I love Gnomes cause their the perfect height..for some…well you know…..that’s right…Checking out my new spellthread.

Other then that, I hate the little fookers!

4 Responses to “I love Gnomes!”

  1. I’m still a little battered and bruised by your display of affection… But I’m kind of used to that.

  2. So.wrong.

    I lol’d. xD

  3. Sigh. I rest my case.

  4. I love that you invested your time and patience into capturing this screenshot. 😀

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