Weekly Lagout

Scarybooster after the surgery**

Well personally been a shitty week, but thats the great thing about Virtual life sometimes it’s pretty damn good.


Got some new gear, got to play doctor with some Patients, Made some gold, spent it all on regemming said new gear, and just had some fun with my guildies. I’m really enjoying patch 3.3.  Oh yeah…Still no Barons Mount, thanks Blizz.


Reupped, and just having a blast with Scenarios, and the good PvP they have there. Oh and my Chosen looks Badass as always can read more of my adventures in Warhammer Online, on my other blog. Way of the Chosen.  

Other MMO’s

LOTRO – Ok I not a huge LOTRO, but it’s free this weekend. I might just take a look see. Will I fall in love with berry picking….only if it’s my berries.

STO- I guess I preordered a game, and forgot about it. I don’t know what the hell game I could of preordered, but Gamestop is going to give me my 10 bucks back. I’m gonna slap it down to preorder STO. Syps Story on this title intrigued me, but I don’t care if Klingons is mostly PvP, I like PvP if done right.

High Latency Link Love-

Scarybooster is going under the knife, he’s keeping it private cause it may be personal I don’t blame him, but I think he’s getting a sex change in Taiwan, and doesn’t want to tell anyone until he heals, and looks hot. Anyway lets show him some love while he’s drugged up at Scarybooster’s site.

Also alot of lazy bloggers out there letting Gnomey do all the work. Let’s show Gnomey some love too. Damn Lazy Bloggers during the holidays.

Something Funny –

I think as AOC proved Tits do not make you popular. Dante didn’t really learn that lesson.

** That is actually a dude, her name is Miriam, it is Not Scarybooster….he’s cuter. LOL!

With that….


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Nice! Maybe, I would get more readers if I looked like that. Some people you can tell are guys. That tho is not one you can tell.

  2. Don’t know about lazy… But how can they say no to me?

    Come join in the bloggers Secret Santa at Blog Azeroth

    • Gnomey I was kidding, but you worked hard, and thought you needed some props. As for Blog Azeroth…that where the cool kids hang out?. LOL!. I know of it, just never checked it out.

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