I need me a Golden Ticket

MMO-Champion predicts 3.3 next week usually their pretty right about that…if it doesn’t come out next week I’m pretty sure it will be soon. What will I need to do to get ready? Farm Enchanting Mats? Get Cloth? Stock up on stuff? I have no clue really. Maybe just Farm some Gold like Gevlon on Crack.  

So little to do….So much time…..Wait…Strike that….Reverse it.

3 Responses to “I need me a Golden Ticket”

  1. i’m dreading 3.3 if mutilate is the same as it is on the PTR now i’ll have to grab me some daggers… Q.Q

  2. I’m sad my Rogue won’t be 80 by 3.3. He is 73 and I can’t find the time to level. Btw what’s up with mutilate? I’m a mutilate rogue. Did it get buff? Woot?

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