The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few…or One.

My man Spock said that in Wrath of Khan one of the greatest movies evah. My fellow bloggers elude to incident last night.  This is the great part of playing with a bunch of bloggers, they give nice insights to a problem. I just go in there a blow it all up..Only like a Mage can do it.

Lets give you a little history, this Huntard in our guild thinks he knows better then…almost everyone in the guild.  A few times while we were raiding he would interject, over Vent,  his thoughts on the situation. Ah but that in itself is not the crime. It’s HOW he said it that sucked. I think this post explains it better then I would.

Last night he got into argument with our tanks…not one of them pretty much all of them. Saying that their doing their jobs wrong because their not stacking their stats correctly. As a mage I kind of glossed over the whole thing. I’m retired from tanking, and the whole Damage Mitigation, Hit/Sta/Dodge/Parry arguments are in my past…until I hit 80 with the pally…UGH.

Our GM got mad at an Officer for snapping and kind of telling this Huntard off.  Now I understand Officers should be held to a little higher standard, but were all human. If a bug is flying around my ear long enough, I’m swatting the little pissant.

This whole situation reminds me of one time when I was bouncing at a bar.  That’s right I was the Cooler ala Swayze. Anywho, there was this drunk who was being obnoxious, squeezing girls butts, and acting a jerk in general. About 20 people came up to me to complain about this guy, and I came up to him he was almost going to get into a fight. I asked the jerk to leave, the guy who he was aggravated yelled something at the guy. Should I kick that guy out too, or maybe yell at the other 20 people. No, Once I removed the irritant drunk, that customer went back to normal and having a good time, and buying some shots for everyone. Everything went back to normal.

In my eyes there is only one person to blame the Huntard, and I would gkick the mofo so hard, he’d land on another server. Sometimes a guild is not the right fit for the person, or the person isn’t the right fit for the guild. Maybe thats why I’m not a GM. I would be draconian about it no doubt.

Here’s the bottomline….Don’t be a Douchebag, and it’s better to keep your mouth shut, and appear to be an idiot, then to open your mouth, and remove all doubt.

3 Responses to “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few…or One.”

  1. Sometimes, it just pays to unplug the mic. It simply removes the temptation. Yes, kick the boob out if this continues, but give him a warning. Actually, his class leader or the DPS lead for the raid should be disciplinging him, IMHO – the raid leader has other issues on their mind.

  2. That last line is one of my favorite quotes of all time. You’ve slightly modified it, but the meaning and truthfulness of the words are the same 😉

  3. Obviously I wasn’t there and I’m in no way qualified to judge (hell, who is) but) but I’m genuinely bewildered that the GM would yell at his officer for, essentially, protecting the guild? I mean, if you’ve got one guy who is making life miserable for everyone else, as you say, you deal with the problem not the symptoms.

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