How to RolePlay being Dirt Poor?

Oh boy Gevlon would be sour at me indeed, good thing I was never his pupil ..Well I said I was near broke before I’m sure. I really mean it now…my main has 26 gold. and my alts under 100 a piece. I broke the bank. I got Merlin’s Robe Pattern, and I made it.  Sorry I can’t link it now…I’m somewhere that blocks such things.  It cost me nearly 5k all together, and I haven’t even gemmed it, and enchanted it yet. Sure I could of saved money and found someone with the pattern, but I’m kinda nutty like that. I WANTED the pattern too. It’s like Pokemon, I must collect’em all. Luckily I have an asston of Moonshroud in my bank, that I’m hoping will be sold when I get home.

In other news I wrote about Roleplay, I thought since I’m a big fan of walking in someone else’s shoe’s or someone else’s 80 levels, such as my Project Genderbender. I figured I would role a toon on Feathermoon. I named him Rivs, my actual nickname is River, and most of my toons are named something to that fact, except my mage Frostscourge. Anywho I figured a Rogue would be easy for me to Roleplay, cause I am one in real life.  I made one back story….

Rivs story condensed version….

Rivs was born in the slums of Stormwind, all his life he worked oddjobs like bouncing at local taverns, or shaking down deadbeats who didn’t pay the bookies, and he occupied his time with gambling, and drinking. Until one day he saw the girl of his dreams, Rossalyn. She was from Westfall, and she came to Stormwind to sell some goods. She had to go to Darkshire next, so he promised to go with her and help guard her. On the trip he fell more and more in love with Rossalyn, and thought he would mend his ways, and even take up farming.  Almost near Darkshire, They were jumped by Scourge undead, there were too many of them. As he was fighting them off, they got to Rossalyn they ripped her to shreds. In his pure rage, and abandonment he was able to kill the rest off. Barely alive himself he crawled to Rossalyn, and on her dying breath she said, “I love you for not who you are, but who you can be”  With that she died. He picked her up, and carried her to Darkshire for a proper burial. Even though she wanted more from him his hate grew. The only good thing in his life was stolen from him. Now he will steal back. Revenge, and Hate is the only thing Rivs now, to steal from those who stolen from him, the Scourge, and to stick his sword or dagger into King Arthas back.  Rivs will either learn to be a better man, or the Hate will consume him until he is a monster himself.

I have another version I like. I’ll tell that later, it’s more grittier though. When I get him to level 10 I’ll make a desicion.

In other news my guild finally downed Anub in TOC 25. It was good on the first attempt I could really see come together at the end, but we weren’t fast enough, and wiped it due to becoming to close to Enrage. The second attempt near perfect. It felt really good when that Achievement popped. Congratulation Brotherhood of Oblivion of Azgalor it was a long time coming, but we did it together.

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