Outland is Outlandishly Easy Now.

Illidan no longer says, “You are not prepared!”  He now says, “Meh, Northrend is that way”

So with my sexy female Draenei pally I hit Outland recently, and I pretty much got a flying mount right away, it was less then 300 gold, and the thing flys at 110%.

Once upon a time, when Dark Ages of Camelot was beginning to get long in the tooth, they gave you 20 levels for free for your Alts. All you had to do was type /level command.

I feel this is WoW’s way of doing that, they are making things easier to ramp up to there new espansion. Lets face it 80 levels is ALOT. Now it’s going to be 85 in the new expansion.

Part of me is nostalgic, and miss the toughness, and challenge of it all. Then a part of me is like screw that, I like it the new way, I’m tired of working my arse off to get another toon to 80.

One thing that is still a pain in the ass though is the Professions, Trying to level Blacksmithing, I am quickly finding out King Kong giving me a proctology exam might be easier. I’m just grinding it out though. I’m hoping before Cataclysm though they do what they did for cooking, and give us an easy way to get to say 300 at least.

One Response to “Outland is Outlandishly Easy Now.”

  1. Blacksmithing sucks to level and is the most expensive to power level. I have already dropped close to 2k gold into it and I am only level 335 on my shaman.

    Your flying mount isn’t 110…its 150% now. Faster and cheaper? Sounds like my kinda thing. Plus, it makes not having an epic flying mount not so bad. The difference between 60% and 280% was CRAZY, but the difference between 150% and 280%…not that bad.

    In regards to Outland leveling and it being easy, I FREAKING LOVE IT! I always disliked the Outlands…especially leveling up in it. With BoA gear and going to the outland at 58 I was able to complete the quest achievement for hellfire and zangarmarsh and already be 66. Less then half of the available quests in Nagrand and I was already out in Northrend.

    Pretty flipping sweet IMO

    and sorry I just crit your comment section with my Wall-of-Text


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