Been sick

Hey I had a little something. I think it was the Red Death.  I’m feeling better now, and should be back on track tomorrow. I got an idea, I’ll let anyone out there ask me a question, I don’t care, game related, personal related, whatever related,  got a problem in your own life, go ahead ask, perhaps you need advice on family planning, go ahead and shoot. Whatever ques you have, I’ll answer them. It’ll be fun..or maybe It won’t be.

7 Responses to “Been sick”

  1. Morality question: Would you take part in actively killing 1 person to save 5 people?

    Gaming Question: Not counting Iron Giant, which old PA/Kotrd/yadayadayada member did you not care for and why?

    Entertainment Question: Which actor would play you in a “made for tv” role for your biography?

    Obligatory Chick Question: If you could bang 5 chicks, in all of history, who would they be and why?

    I’ll think of more later.

  2. Hmm a question . . .

    Ok, how do you get your casual leveling guild to sign up for raids more than 1 day a week?

  3. Conditioning Question: Which end times scenario (nuclear holocaust, zombie invasion, etc.) would you be most suited for survival and why?

    Alcohol Question: If you are about to die, what is your final drink?

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