Weekly Lagout

Well interesting week to be sure.


 Blizzard tossed their hat into the ring for Microtransactions, some people are up in arms. Meh, I gotta say that Pandaren Monk, is pretty kickass looking. As long as that don’t sell the Sword of 1000 truths I think everything will be ok.

I went to the Arcane Shatter PvP spec, and loving it. It’s fast, mobile, and deadly.

We had some Raid problems in TOC10, but I think we’ll square it away next Monday.

On Thursdays we started an Ulduar 10 group to attempt Hard Modes, and you know what they say…Hard Modes is Hard. LOL! But I had some fun with the extra challenges, I would like just to do a full clear just to say I did it, cause I know once Ice Crown hits, I ain’t seeing Ulduar again.  Though even though it’s meant to be fun I take it really serious…not like some people putzing about there bike, saying “beep, beep” over vent. Pfff. Just Kidding.

Oh and I guess my new boss is a chick…pfft. LOL!



I was going to reup, but I will hold of a tosh more, not really like what I’m seeing with the City Sieges.


Just waiting…and some more waiting.

Link Love:

A guildie who I didn’t really know blogged, and when she speaks in vent I feel like a dirty old man….wait I am a dirty old man. It’s all good then. Celaeno is a reall good writer, and her posts are entertaining. I hope she really keeps it up. Check her out at the Disco Priest.

Something Funny:

CHARLIE MURPHY is in Chicago this weekend perfoming at the Improv. He cracks me up. Gotta show him some love.


With that.



2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I saw Charlie Murphy last year. He put on a hilarious show. His opener was almost as funny as he was.

  2. I can’t help it, I get reaaaally excited about zooming around and honking!

    Thank you for the blog shout out! ❤

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