Weekly Lagout!

Well another week has come and gone.

WoW –

Got some raids in, got some badges…Looking forward to buying some stuff. Still don’t know if I should get the heirloom leather for my Worgen if I make a Rogue, or if I should make a Worgen Warrior. I already have the plate. I think Worgen Rogue sounds cool from kind of a RP stand point. Feral type toon, just sounds awesome. Plus I have a pally tank by that time I hope.

Still no Baron Mount.


Alot of changes AP, Performance. I am really on the edge of reupping, but with NANO on the verge of kicking off I don’t want an extra diversion.


National Novel Writing in a Month, the object is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I’m gonna try again thise year. Tried last year, failed…big time.

Other MMO’s –

Nothing really catching my eye, might check out a non-MMO like Dragon Age, not sure yet.

High Latency Love –

I’m giving Big Hit Box some love. It’s a new WoW blog on my blogroll, and they retwitted something of mine today. I had to check them out, I really like their blog, it’s nifty looking, that’s right I said nifty…now what?  Alot of melee dps info, it’s a good addition to the blogroll of blogrolls.  Let’s show them some High Latency Love.

Funny of the Week-

The Beer Diet – Now this is a diet I can live with.  

With that….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout!”

  1. “Nothing really catching my eye… ‘might’ check out a non-MMO like Dragon Age.”


    Allow me to enlighten you, and if you are still not sold after this, you need help my friend:


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