Project GenderBender: Level 50

1610Ok I was in Tanaris, minding my own business. Grinding on some Rogues, and Assassins, because as a Paladin it’s my job they be brought to justice.

Then out of nowhere a Death Knight rides by. He stops. He watches me for a few seconds. I find it a little…wierd. So I bow. Then he goes, “Do you want a run through ZF” .. I reply, “Sure thing”   So were running through ZF, he asks me some questions, how do I like the pally class…so on and so forth. Then he asks the question….”Are you really a girl?”  Well were half way through ZF, and damn it I want the XP. So I go….”Yes.” He goes, “Cool”  We chat a little more. Then he goes, “How did you get the heirloom gear, you got a main.?”  I go, “No, this is my BF account, he gave me this pally to play around with, and he got me the gear.”  Then his reply to that, “Oh”

We finish the run in almost complete silence after that, after it was done I thanked him. We parted ways. 

So I lied a bit to get what I want, I feel dirty like a little whore, then again it felt kind of good.

The wierdest thing is sometimes when I’m grinding,  dudes stop by and look at me grinding. Just looking then finally leave. Kind of disconcerting, what’s going on in their heads. Oh well.

The pic for this post is Amy Smart, she is definately a female. She was in movies such as Road Trip, and Crash. I most definately think she is HOT!

12 Responses to “Project GenderBender: Level 50”

  1. Yes, that one is definitely a girl. I recognize her quite easily.

    Also yes, you are a dirty little whore. Mission accomplished!


  2. Did you lick your lips, bend over, and pick up loot in front of him? You need spankin (not by me. You should send him tell and say your BF broke up with you and if he could make you feel better by running you through ST, BRD, UBRS, and LBRS)

  3. oh rivers….

    you make me giggle

  4. Hmmm… yeah things always get awkward when you mention a boyfriend. Ok really things are awkward as soon as it gets out your not a dude too.

    I’ve always wondered about folks stopping and just watching. It’s weird. I always roll gal toons (mostly because guys roll female toons a lot), and now I’m just going to be wondering if they’re inspecting my gear or if they’re wondering about who’s behind the monitor. Eeeeep!

  5. Yes, you dirty dirty whore 😛

  6. mmm…. Ms. Smart.

    That is a very interesting look behind the eyes of some gamers. It’s odd how some guys behave in MMOs, as I have never stopped to ask in text the real gender of someone or had it influence my gameplay towards them. It’s so contrary to the way I behave, that it’s difficult to remind me.

  7. […] particular project in his current main MMO, WoW. He’s been playing a female character, and trying to behave in game as if he was a female. Not the internet’s overly sexed, hyper-accentuated, […]

  8. I’m a gal who plays mainly guy toons, and sometimes when I run by a lower-level player who’s fighting a mob, I’ll stop to inspect their health, to see if they might need a hand. Who knows, one of those “dudes” you saw could’ve been me! ^_~

  9. I always just assume that everyone is a dude, that way I don’t reach down and grab tree trunk, like a friend of mine did in Thiland one time.

  10. You grinding in your g-string again…

    There’s a reason Blizzard gave you armor!

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