Warhammer Online – The Raven God’s Dream

iwarhammer-age-of-reckoningi-the-hordes-of-chaos-20061121045650831Skar got me thinking about my WAR experience with his expectations. It’s been a year roughly, and it’s time I look back to what was as well. For me it’s a mixture of things that drew me to WAR. I love the IP of it. I love Games Workshop. If I was any..any good at painting those little models I would be playing the tabletop version nonstop most likely. I have a Chaos tattoo on my arm for goodness sake. How can I not love a MMO based on the Warhammer Universe.

I also played Dark Ages of Camelot alot, and when I heard Mythic was going to do this game. I was that much more excited. A DAOC minus the TOA,  with the WAR IP, instant winner in my book.  That’s were my expectations were.

Going into it, I though what an awesome time to start a video game blog as well. I decided that Chosen was my class of choice, thats what I wanted to play, that’s what I was going to blog about.  Way of the Chosenwas born. As I roamed around Reiksland the other day and saw no one fighting back against Destro, and we took Shining Way, and only saw 5 Destro fighting for the Fortress. I got a little down.

What did WAR do right?

1. Public Quests – An MMO innovation though I heard rumors EQ did it first, but I think WAR did it right.

2. Classes – I really liked alot of the classes, maybe needed to work on the balancing of them, but the classes had substance, and were fun to play.

3. Tome of Knowledge – Though I didn’t care for it much, it was still cool to look at your exploits from time to time.

4. Great Lore – No Space Goats showing up here.

5. Guild Leveling, and Rewards. – Brought some pride back to Guilds, along with Banners.  

What did WAR do wrong?

1. Immersion – Not enough of it. The world felt disjointed. Not connected.

2. PvE – Sucked. Sure it was a PvP game, but if your going to put something in the game do it right please.

3. City Sieges- They sucked, from technical issues, to the siege game mechanics. It just sucked, and if you don’t have a final goal to reach things begin to falter. That’s when things hit the fan.  

4. 3rd Faction – I think they should of had a 3rd Faction, without it, it’s just Checkers MMO I think.

5. PvP Zone Design – Should of made actual separate zones, and not “lakes”

Sure there are probably alot more Pros and Cons of WAR. If you can think of any feel free to add them.  

Where does WAR go from here? I don’t know alot of MMO’s out already and it’s taking a hit. WAR seems a ghost town.  I have to admit I had high hopes for WAR. It’s not a bad game, just the game I didn’t expect. Where do I go from here? I don’t know. I am going away for the weekend. I’ll make the decision to end my relationship with WAR, or stick it out to the bitter end.

I hear rumors of a WAR 40k MMO, I’ll probably get all hyped up for that too.

3 Responses to “Warhammer Online – The Raven God’s Dream”

  1. Stick it out to the end. Things go and up with all relationships. It can’t be plain sailing all the time.

    On the server I moved to Karak Norn, it’s really busy. Hopefully with a PC upgrade it will be a more fluid experience.

  2. 40k MMO is where my heart really lies. Only if I can make Tyranids, Daemonhunters, or Tau.

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