I am an American Badass Elitist

kid20rockIt doesn’t matter what game I play.  I have a confession to make. I am an Elitist. People consider it an insult. Not me. When someone calls me an Elitist, usually followed by other choice words, I puff my chest out with pride.

Why do I call myself that. Is it because I have all purply pixels, or I have DPS through the roof. Is it because I am better than you. No. There are TONS of players better than me.  

Why do I consider myself an Elitist?

1. I do my best, Like Yoda says there is no try. I give 110%

2. Even though I make mistakes, I try to learn from them. First time I died in a fire…I got out of the Fire. I learned that first Raid oh, 4ish years ago roughly.

3. My toon may not have the best gear, the best gems, or the best enchants.  Skill > Gear  any day of the week.

4. What is skill? Well this is a game of knowing your job, and when to do it. It’s about Timing. Know your cooldowns, your abilities, and how not to die. How to make it easier for your team.

5. I follow directions- To be a part of the team sometimes you have to be a good follower.  

6. Not afraid to work – I love being on first boss kills, and working out the strategy of a boss. My favorite question to myself is “How can I do something different to help bring down this boss?”

7. I know my role- If it’s tank it’s to keep the mobs on me. If it’s to heal, it’s to keep people alive, and if it’s dps….shit better be dead quickly.

8. I am always trying to learn, about my class. Forums, Tips from other players, Guildies. I am always open to advice, and try new things. In WoW did someone told me to stack Haste, nope I just did it, and it worked out awesome for me.

Do I act like a jerk to everyone? No. Do I act like a snob when I meet you? Never  Will I treat you with respect? Yes, until you don’t respect me.  I will go into convulsions of rage, and pure assholeness if you don’t do your job, and I’m doing my best to do mine. Listen we all started out as noobs, but everything I got I worked at, even if I had to beg, borrow, or steal….if I can do it, you can too.

For the Guilds I am in, they are all Elitists like me, and know their game, or I am not in that guild for long. In a PUG, I will not group with you if your gear shows no effort, I will leave the group if you’re a tank and you cant hold aggro, or your a healer failing to keep people alive all the time. I will look my nose down at you if you beg for something from me, when you can do it yourself with a little effort.

So call me an Elitist, and go ahead call me  Cocky…To quote Kid Rock, “People call me Cocky, but it ain’t bragging if you can back it up!”

4 Responses to “I am an American Badass Elitist”

  1. I consider myself an elitist. However, there is just so many negitive feeling towards them. The reason why I consider myself one is mostly the reasons you listed…I know my class and the majority of other classes and their roles. I don’t do stupid shit like stand in the fire and I expect to kill the boss…EVERYTIME.

    I also hate not starting on time and having alot of downtime between wipes.

  2. Gosh, I went and looked up Elitism. (darn foreign language!)


    Too many explanations for the one word.

    I believe that listening and following someone who knows what they’re doing is often a rather good idea.

    But there are those times when someone who has never done a raid before comes with good insights, and clear the road to a boss kill.

    And then there are times that I’ve seen players understanding their class, knowing the theory, reading up on just about everything, but their fingers just not able to keep up with their thoughts.

    So while I can believe in the abilities of other less experienced, less seasoned players. I also believe that I’m an above average player, and that bringing me as a healer to your raid can make a difference towards the positive side.

    Does that make me an elitist then? Maybe I can be just very self assured? Or would it be called arrogance?

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